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No deals, no compromises, no cuts to Planned Parenthood funding

No deals, no compromises, no cuts to Planned Parenthood funding

The anti-woman extremism in Congress has gotten so bad that not only are Republicans threatening to shut down the government if Democrats don’t agree to a budget that cuts Planned Parenthood funding, they’re also about to vote on an abortion ban.

While many Senate Democrats are champions of women’s rights who would never back down in their defense of Planned Parenthood, there are others— including some with great records on choice along with others who have been hostile to women’s rights — who may be willing to compromise with Republican hostage takers in order to get a budget passed.

On September 22nd, we’re going to deliver over one million petition signatures to Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid to send a strong message that the progressive community stands strongly behind Planned Parenthood, and is counting on Senate Democrats to hold the line against any attacks on women’s rights and any deals, compromises or cuts to its funding. As we deliver your petition signatures we need a flood of calls into their offices to make sure they take notice.


Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] calling from [YOUR CITY], [YOUR STATE]. I'm calling about the relentless Republican attacks on women.

Republicans are threatening to hold the budget hostage over Planned Parenthood funding, and are set to vote on an abortion ban this week. Democrats have to stand up for women and block any deals, compromises or cuts, even if it means risking a government shutdown.

Can I count on the senator to join me in standing with Planned Parenthood?

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