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We need more than "thoughts and prayers," we need a VOTE.

We need more than "thoughts and prayers," we need a VOTE.

Breaking the NRA’s chokehold on Congress will require massive amounts of grassroots pressure on the politicians who constantly do the NRA’s bidding and block commonsense gun control legislation from even coming to the House and Senate floor for debate.

It’s time for Congress to consider a meaningful package of gun control reforms, including an assault weapons ban and universal background checks. Can you call Republican congressional leaders today to demand they respond to gun violence with action, not just "thoughts and prayers"?


Hi. My name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m calling from [YOUR TOWN] to urge Republican leaders in Congress to do more than send their thoughts and prayers to the victims of gun violence.

Sen./Rep. [NAME] must work with his fellow Republican leaders to bring commonsense gun control legislation up for a vote. It’s time to put the American people before the NRA.

Thank you.

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