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Scandal-plagued Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke must resign

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The petition to Sec. Ryan Zinke reads:

"Your unethical behavior, mounting scandals, waste of taxpayer money, and policies to hand over public lands to the fossil fuel and mining industries make you unfit for public service. You must resign immediately."

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    Scandal-plagued Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke must resign

    It's Scott Pruitt all over again.

    Considered "the most scandal-plagued member" of Trump’s cabinet, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke – public lands-enemy number-one – is facing 14 federal investigations into shady business dealings, unethical behavior, violations of federal law and misuse of taxpayer money.1

    In addition, although Zinke is charged with protecting our national parks and monuments, new uncovered documents reveal that he and his close aides have been conspiring to undermine the protection of our public lands and hand them over to the fossil fuel and mining industries.2

    Zinke is wholly unfit to serve, and we must again build massive public pressure on another corrupt Trump administration official to force his resignation.

    Tell Sec. Zinke: Resign immediately.

    The number of investigations Zinke faces is more than the last four Interior secretaries combined. The actions federal watchdogs have looked at or are looking into include Zinke's threats to a sitting senator, illegal use of a private jet, the removal of references to climate change in scientific reports and multiple violations of the Hatch Act, a law that prohibits executive branch employees from engaging in political activity.3

    One of Zinke's most egregious and bizarre scandals involves a sketchy land deal with Halliburton, the multinational oil services company and government contractor that ripped off billions from the American taxpayer during the Iraq War and who now benefits from Zinke's industry-friendly public land policies. Zinke reportedly met with Halliburton's chairman on official business to work on sealing a land development project in Montana that could enrich Zinke's family.4 Halliburton even reportedly bribed Zinke with a microbrewery, a lifelong dream of his, to sweeten the deal.5

    Like all of Trump's cabinet secretaries who have left in shame, Zinke is a grifter who is using his status in public office to enrich himself and his friends in corporate America. It's time for him to go, and we must show him the door now.

    Tell Sec. Zinke: Resign immediately.

    Thanks for all you do.


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