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No Warriors at the White House: Golden State must reject Trump’s hate

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The petition to the Golden State Warriors reads:

“I urge every member of the Golden State Warriors team to publicly reject Trump’s hate by refusing to set foot in his White House.”

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    No Warriors at the White House: Golden State must reject Trump’s hate

    Curry, Iguodala and Livingston. Three Golden State Warriors have publicly announced that they would turn down an invitation to Trump’s White House since we launched our campaign. Our activism is working. Now, it’s time to turn up the heat.

    Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who has voiced his opposition to Trump’s hateful administration time and time again, recently told ESPN Radio that he thinks the team should accept an invitation to the White House out of “respect for the office” Trump holds.1 He even mentioned our petition in the interview. If the Warriors want to show their respect for the institution of the presidency, they should refuse to set foot in the White House while a racist bigot occupies the oval office.

    More than 100,000 CREDO members have already signed our petition urging the Warriors to stay away from Trump’s White House. The campaign has generated massive media coverage, with stories in prominent national and local outlets like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, The Mercury News, and Vibe.2,3,4,5,6

    We have the momentum, but our work is not done. With Coach Kerr backpedaling and reluctant to put his words into action, we must ramp-up the pressure even more.

    Tell the Golden State Warriors: Not one NBA champion at Trump’s White House.

    After Election Day, Kerr was outspoken about Trump’s hateful agenda, condemning his unconstitutional Muslim ban and describing Trump as a “blowhard” who is “ill-suited” to lead the country.7,8 Now, he sounds more like NBA Commissioner Adam Silver who called potential player boycotts of Trump’s White House “lost opportunities.” Kerr recently said that the Warriors should meet with Trump as a “good gesture,” and use the visit as an opportunity to voice their concerns.9

    If the past few months have taught us anything, it is that legitimizing and normalizing Trump and his racist, sexist and xenophobic administration will get us nowhere and cause more harm to the communities Trump threatens.

    The Warriors represent California, also known as the Golden State, which has been the epicenter of resistance to Trump’s hateful regime since day one. Oakland, the Warriors hometown, is a city some of the fiercest activists of the progressive movement call home. There is no way the Warriors should grant any respect to a bigot who is trying to end health care access and civil rights protections for immigrants, women, LGBTQ people and people of color in their state and hometown.

    Some Warriors have already spoken out against Trump. The team’s power forward David West said that Trump’s election win was “disheartening” and “disappointing.”10 Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry called Trump an “ass” earlier this year and said he would turn down an invitation to the White House.11 Small forward Andre Iguodala and shooting guard Shaun Livingston also have no intention of going.12,13 Both have said they strongly disagree with Trump’s administration, and Iguodala believes that racism across the country has gotten worse since Trump took office.

    During the 2014 NBA playoffs, the Golden State Warriors wore black socks, their warmup jerseys backwards and threatened to walk out of a game if Commissioner Adam Silver did not use the full extent of his power to punish former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for his anti-Black racism.14 Thanks to pressure from the Warriors and other NBA teams, Commissioner Silver levied a $2.5 million fine on Donald Sterling and banned him from the league indefinitely. We need the Warriors to stand up against Trump’s racist regime with the same uncompromising resistance now.

    Tell the Golden State Warriors: Not one NBA champion at Trump’s White House.

    Coach Kerr and every single player on the Warriors team knows that there is strength in numbers. If we want to protect women, immigrants, LGBTQ people and people of color from Trump’s hate, we must stick together, stand up, speak out and do everything we can to resist his agenda.

    A few months ago, 33 members of the 2017 Super Bowl championship team, the New England Patriots, refused to legitimize Trump’s presidency and boycotted the team’s visit to the White House.15 Not a single team member signed Trump’s honorary game helmet. That was a good first step. Now, Golden State can take it all the way by making sure the entire team stands united against Trump’s bigotry and racism, and stays away from the White House.

    There is no doubt that the Warriors’ Bay Area fan base will have their backs if they stand up to Trump’s hate. Add your name now to show the Golden State Warriors that we are counting on them to send racist bigot Donald Trump a powerful message of resistance by rejecting his invitation to the White House.

    Thank you for all you do.


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