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Stand with Sen. Warren: End the Trump culture of corruption

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"End the culture of corruption that corporate cronies in both parties have enabled for far too long. Support Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act."

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    Stand with Sen. Warren: End the Trump culture of corruption

    Donald Trump cheated to gain power and now uses his position to enrich himself, his family and his well-connected friends. Republicans support his corruption, misogyny and hate-mongering to keep themselves in power so they can do favors for Wall Street.

    Wall Street, in turn, supports Donald Trump and Republicans.

    Corruption is at the heart of the Trump administration and the way Washington operates, but progressive champion Sen. Elizabeth Warren has had enough. She just unveiled powerful, comprehensive new anti-corruption legislation, and now she needs our help to push it forward.1

    Stand with Sen. Warren: End the Trump culture of corruption.

    The Trump regime is the most corrupt administration in modern American history. From coordinating with Russia to steal a presidential election to violating the Constitution's emoluments clause to enrich himself, Trump has made a mockery of his own campaign slogan to 'drain the swamp.' Administration officials and Republican allies alike have resigned in disgrace in the face of major scandals. Foreign governments and corporate bigwigs use Trump properties to exercise influence on the administration. And the most glaring abuses – from firing FBI Director Comey to attempting to seat Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – are all an attempt to shield Trump and his cronies from legal or public accountability.2

    The sad fact, though, is that Trump is just the blinding tip of an iceberg that has been hiding beneath Washington's bipartisan waters for far too long. Business-as-usual in Washington means that government employees jump to lucrative jobs with the industries they used to regulate, members of Congress lobby their former colleagues, and judges benefit from perks and speaking engagements funded by corporate cash.3

    In a major public address, Sen. Warren just rolled out a plan to strike at the heart of the culture of corruption that encompasses both parties. The sweeping legislation would:4

    • Crack down on the revolving door between industry and government by banning lucrative golden parachutes for taking government jobs and blocking members of Congress from making stock trades.
    • Ban senior elected and administration officials from ever becoming lobbyists and make other changes to reform lobbying and ensure members of Congress act more independently of lobbyists.
    • Toughen ethics requirements across the board including stronger ethics requirements on increasingly pro-Wall Street judges to stricter enforcement of anti-corruption laws on judges and the executive branch.
    • Make government more transparent by forcing candidates and elected officials to disclose more about their finances, shining a light on the corporate cash flooding Washington and opening Congress's work to the public eye.

    Trump is benefitting because of a Washington culture of corporate corruption decades in the making. It's time to start fighting back.

    Stand with Sen. Warren: End the Trump culture of corruption.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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