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Demand that Walmart stop selling guns.

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The petition to Walmart executives reads:

"We stand with Walmart workers. Stop selling guns."

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    Demand that Walmart stop selling guns.

    Walmart has a gun violence problem.

    A gunman just shot and killed two people and himself in the parking lot of a Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma.1This horrific tragedy comes on the heels of the El Paso Walmart shooting that took the lives of 22 people just three months ago.

    Thanks to the activism of Walmart workers and progressives like you, Walmart recently restricted sales of some ammunition and banned customers from carrying guns in its stores.2 But that is not enough. We must keep pushing until Walmart stops selling all firearms.

    Demand that Walmart stop selling guns.

    While Walmart continues to profit from the growing gun violence epidemic, murderers are gunning down people at its stores. The shooting in Duncan, Oklahoma and the El Paso, Texas massacre both happened at Walmart stores. And over the summer, a Walmart employee shot and killed two co-workers at a store in Southaven, Mississippi.

    A few months ago, thousands of Walmart employees signed a petition demanding that the retail giant get out of the dirty business of selling guns. Thousands of progressives, including more than 65,000 CREDO members, joined their call, forcing executives to restrict sales. Now, we need to keep the momentum going.

    Purging all Walmart stores of ammunition and firearms isn't just the right thing to do to curb the country's gun violence epidemic, it's also a smart business move. In fact, when Dick's Sporting Goods stopped selling guns after the Parkland massacre and used the store real estate for other products, its sales went up.3 Walmart has no excuse.

    Demand that Walmart stop selling guns.

    Thanks for speaking out.


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