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Tell the U.N.: Send observers to the border

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The petition to the United Nations Human Rights Council reads:

"Send observers to the U.S.–Mexico Border to witness, document and report on the Trump administration's human rights violations."

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    Tell the U.N.: Send observers to the border

    There is a human rights crisis happening at the U.S.–Mexico border, and it's getting worse.

    Donald Trump deployed the military against a caravan of Central American refugees and authorized troops to use lethal force against them.1 Last week, Customs & Border Patrol tear gassed refugee children.2 We need to do everything we can to expose this crisis before tear gas turns into bullets.

    The United Nations condemned Trump's family separation policy this summer.3 Now the U.N. should go one step further and send observers to witness and report on state-sanctioned violence and human rights abuses at the border. Documenting the Trump administration's human rights violations will help build momentum to stop them from happening and shine a bright light on Trump's tyranny and hate.

    Tell the U.N.: Send observers to witness, document and report on human rights violations at the U.S.–Mexico border.

    Like racist authoritarians before him, Trump is trying to distract the country by demonizing, scapegoating and attacking immigrants while his lapdogs in Congress and the administration are rolling back civil rights, gutting health care access, disenfranchising LGBTQ people and passing tax reforms that fatten the pockets of corporations and the wealthy.

    This latest border crisis is just as manufactured and cruel as the last one. Trump's cuts to the country's immigration programs created a bottleneck at the U.S.–Mexico border where thousands of Central American asylum seekers are waiting to surrender themselves to immigration officials. Trump authorized lethal military force against these unarmed refugees, enacted an illegal asylum ban that was recently blocked in court and now is trying to broker a deal that would force refugees to wait in Mexico while the administration processes their asylum applications.4 He is going to extraordinary lengths to dehumanize and criminalize these asylum seekers, and we need to fight back with everything we've got.

    If we want to stop Trump's war on immigrants and prevent a military escalation at the border, we need to put a spotlight on this crisis now. Demanding that the U.N. send observers is a crucial step.

    Tell the U.N.: Send observers to witness, document and report on human rights violations at the U.S.–Mexico border.

    Thanks for speaking out.


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