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Sign the petition: Texas renewable energy is under attack

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Tell Texas legislators and Governor Greg Abbott:

"Stop the attack on renewable energy. Don't pass Senate Bill 931, which would eliminate Texas' highly successful renewable energy standard."

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    Sign the petition: Texas renewable energy is under attack

    Renewable energy is making huge gains against dirty, planet-warming fossil fuels, and despite Big Oil's deep roots in the state, Texas is the top wind producer in the United States.1

    But now, the oil and gas industry and a Koch Brothers-funded think tank are leading an attack on Texas’ renewable energy standard.

    The attack would gut renewable growth by eliminating the state’s current renewable goal and other critical wind energy incentives.2 It has already passed the Senate and is headed for a vote in the House. We have to speak out now and urge lawmakers to stop it.

    Tell Texas legislators and Governor Greg Abbott not to eliminate Texas's renewable energy standard.

    Texas’ wind industry is enormous. If Texas were a country, it would be the sixth largest producer of wind energy in the world. And the industry supports more than 17,000 jobs throughout the state.

    The attack on Texas’ wind industry is part of nation-wide campaign by Koch Brothers-funded front groups to roll back progress on climate change, and will come at the expense of new jobs and reduced pollution that Texas has enjoyed from its successful renewable standard.

    Despite being enormously well-financed and coordinated, the Koch Brothers network of right-wing front groups have largely failed to roll back enormously popular renewable energy laws in part because of significant public backlash.3

    I hope you'll help expose this dangerous right-wing attack on Texas's wind industry and sign the petition telling Texas legislators and Governor Greg Abbott not to gut Texas' renewable energy standard.

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