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Tell Twitter: Change the Terms

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The petition to Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey reads:

"Ban all white supremacists from your platform. Adopt the Change the Term coalition’s model policies and terms of service. Remove Twitter from the chain of events that spill over into real-world violence."

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    Tell Twitter: Change the Terms

    Twitter's failure to stand against hate is putting all of us in danger.

    The platform is enabling white nationalists to organize, fundraise, recruit and supercharge attacks on people of color, LGBTQ+ people and women.1

    Fortunately, there is a movement working to reduce hate speech online. We are joining our friends in the Change the Terms coalition to push tech companies to mitigate hate speech on their platforms, starting with Twitter. And we need you in this fight.2 The more people who speak out, the more pressure we can put on Twitter. Will you add your name?

    Tell Twitter: Change the terms, ban white nationalists.

    Tell Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Stand on the right side of history by banning white nationalists.

    We're living in a world where information and ideas travel faster than we ever imagined. The internet is a place where people share their ideas, seek community, and for some, spread hate. Yet some tech companies, including Twitter, still refuse to take real action to regulate the online hate speech that we know incites violence in the real world. Twitter needs to do better.

    With Trump in office, white nationalists are even more emboldened to dehumanize our communities online. Their hateful words have consequences. The white nationalists who murdered people in Charlottesville, Virginia and most recently, El Paso, Texas were all radicalized in online spaces.

    It is long past time for Twitter to step up and stop giving violent racists a megaphone and platform. Forcing Twitter to add strong hate speech regulations to its terms of service will bring us one step closer to preventing white nationalist, Christian supremacist and far-right violence.

    Tell Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Stand on the right side of history by banning white nationalists.


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