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Tweet at Congress: Repeal Trump's hateful Muslim ban now.

Tweet at Congress: Repeal Trump's hateful Muslim ban now.

Rep. Judy Chu and Sen. Chris Coons just introduced the NO BAN Act in both chambers of Congress. This bill would strengthen court challenges in repealing Trump's racist Muslim Ban and ensure that the government could never enforce anything like it again.1 It's now on Congress to take bold moral leadership to disrupt Trump's white nationalist agenda and protect Muslim communities.

Donald Trump began separating and terrorizing Black and Brown families as soon as he took office. His Muslim ban was one of the first racist policies he enacted to attack our communities.

The NO BAN Act would send a message to this administration that no family should ever be torn apart because of their religion or place of birth. We need every member of Congress to support the NO BAN Act and repeal the Muslim ban now. Will you contact your representative and ask them to do the right thing?

Repeal Trump's racist Muslim ban now.

The NO BAN Act wouldn't just repeal Trump’s Muslim, asylum and refugee bans – it would also limit the ability for this or future administrations to do anything like it ever again.

Two years ago, thousands of us were in the streets and at airports welcoming Muslims and refugees, and demanding that Congress intervene to stop Trump's Muslim ban. We must keep up the fight and use that same grassroots power to force Congress to repeal it now.

Tell your representative: Repeal Trump's racist Muslim ban now.


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