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Re: Trump and Russia: What is Donald hiding in his tax returns?

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“Release multiple years of your tax returns and level with the American people about your wealth, your business dealings, how you truly make your money, any financial ties to Russia, the tax loopholes you take advantage of, the tax rate you actually pay and how your tax plan would benefit you personally.”

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    Re: Trump and Russia: What is Donald hiding in his tax returns?

    Recent reports of Donald Trump’s financial ties to Russian oligarchs aligned with Vladimir Putin,1 combined with his encouragement – last week – of the Russian government to spy on the United States, have brought renewed attention to Trump’s failure to release his tax returns, and renewed questions about what Trump may be trying to hide.

    Since the start of his campaign, Trump has gotten a free pass at every level – from his own party and more importantly from the corporate media that has lavished him with free media and attention around the clock. That free pass has to end now.

    Tell Donald Trump: You must release your tax returns.

    Releasing tax returns is something that every presidential candidate has done for the past 40 years, but Trump still refuses to do so. Given his background and history, Trump’s wealth and business dealings are the clearest view into his experience and fitness to be president, and now one of the clearest ways to understand if he has relationships or debt with Russian financial interests which could compromise the integrity of a Trump presidency.

    Trump continues to hide behind a phony excuse that he can’t release his tax returns until the IRS finishes auditing him. Just last week, his campaign manager doubled down on Trump’s refusal to release his returns, using that bogus auditing excuse. But that claim has been repudiated by the IRS itself, and nothing is preventing Trump from releasing multiple years of returns.2

    Releasing tax returns is a crucial way for a presidential candidate to assure the public that he or she has no conflicts of interest, particularly with foreign governments like Russia. But with Donald Trump, who has made his business experience the central argument for his candidacy, the release of his tax returns are even more crucial. These returns need to be out in the open for Americans to see, and we need to force the issue right now.

    Tell Donald Trump: You must release your tax returns.

    Recent financial disclosures made by Trump have already revealed the tremendous profits he has earned from companies whose policies he attacks.3 Trump’s tax returns are sure to reveal even more hypocrisy.

    Americans need to get the truth about Trump’s business dealings, his claims of extreme wealth, how he truly makes his money, what tax loopholes he is using to dodge taxes, the tax rate he actually pays, his ties to Russia, and how his tax plan would benefit him personally.

    We can’t let Trump get another free pass on his dangerous and destructive path to the presidency. Sign the petition now.

    Tell Donald Trump: You must release your tax returns.

    Thank you for your activism.


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