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Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s sneak attack on Social Security.

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“Social Security should be expanded, not cut. Oppose any tax reform plan that would eliminate the Social Security payroll tax or otherwise pave the way for future cuts to Social Security benefits.”

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    Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s sneak attack on Social Security.

    A stunning report from the Associated Press revealed the Trump administration is circulating a tax reform proposal that would permanently undermine Social Security by eliminating its primary funding source.1

    It’s a total reversal from Trump’s campaign pledge not to touch Social Security – and it would pave the way for future benefit cuts by forcing Congress to find new sources of funding for Social Security each year.2

    A lobbyist close to the Trump administration is pushing this plan in Congress right now. We need to fight back and make sure that Trump’s sneak attack on Social Security does not gain any traction on Capitol Hill.

    Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s sneak attack on Social Security.

    Trump’s tax reform proposal would reportedly eliminate most of the employee contributions to Social Security and replace the funding with general revenue. This seemingly simple change would make Social Security funding part of the regular budget process, leaving it subject to benefit cuts and other attacks each year at the hands of the right-wing extremist Republicans who currently control Congress.

    This latest Republican attack on Social Security is part of a broader tax reform plan that would also drastically cut taxes for Donald Trump and his billionaire cronies. It’s a backward proposal that would further tilt the playing field in the American economy in favor of the ultra-rich.

    Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s sneak attack on Social Security.

    Social Security has had a dedicated funding source since the program was enacted more than 80 years ago. It is the basic contact that made Social Security one of the most successful and popular government programs in U.S. history: Workers contribute part of their wages and are later compensated with a pension when they are no longer able to work.

    The Trump administration’s attempt to end that arrangement is a backdoor attack on Social Security that would inevitably lead to devastating cuts to the Social Security benefits tens of millions of Americans rely on to buy their food and pay their bills. As Social Security Works President Nancy Altman put it, it’s a Trojan horse that would “lead to the destruction of working Americans’ fundamental economic security.”3

    It’s up to us to fight back and protect Social Security for all current and future beneficiaries. A strong show of grassroots opposition to the Trump administration’s proposal will show members of Congress that attempts to undermine Social Security will not be tolerated by their constituents.

    Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s sneak attack on Social Security.

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