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Democrats: Don't compromise with Trump's extremism

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"People are not bargaining chips. Don't give an inch when it comes to Trump's shutdown. Refuse to trade Dreamers and TPS holders for Trump's wall and the expansion of ICE and CBP."

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    Democrats: Don't compromise with Trump's extremism

    Donald Trump is a hostage-taker, and Democrats must refuse to pay him any ransom.

    Yesterday, Trump announced a plan for ending his government shutdown: give temporary protection to Dreamers and TPS holders in exchange for more ICE agents and billions for his border wall.

    From Democrats, there can be only one answer: No.

    Tell Democrats: Don't rescue Trump from his shutdown by compromising on his racist immigration agenda.

    This is Trump's shutdown. He created the border crisis to sanction attacks on immigrants and coerce the public and Congress into backing his border wall and his extremist immigration agenda more broadly. But the shutdown isn't the only crisis Trump has manufactured to try to get his way, and federal workers aren't the only ones he's thrown under the bus to try to to achieve his racist goals.

    He also ended DACA, creating a crisis for more than 700,000 Dreamers whose parents brought them to the United States as children and were granted the ability to work and be safe in the country they call home. And he created a crisis for hundreds of thousands of immigrants from countries shattered by wars, natural disasters and other humanitarian crises by taking away their Temporary Protected Status.

    Yesterday, Trump offered relief to federal workers, Dreamers and TPS holders in exchange for billions for his border wall and thousands more deportation agents. Democrats must take a clear stance now: People aren't bargaining chips and we won't compromise when it comes to Trump's anti-immigrant agenda.

    To protect our immigrant neighbors, friends and family members, we need to make sure Democrats continue to hold the line and refuse to cave to Trump's threats and hostage taking. Speak out now to make sure they keep standing strong.
    Sign the petition to tell Democrats: Don't give an inch. No compromises with Trump's racism.

    Thank you for speaking out.