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Tell Congressional Democrats: Block low-wage “right-to-work” laws

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"Block and resist low-wage ‘right-to-work’ laws that drag down the wages and benefits of all working people, unionized or not."

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    Tell Congressional Democrats: Block low-wage “right-to-work” laws

    When Republicans help Wall Street attack unions, we all end up poorer. But now that radical conservatives and financiers have a friendly puppet in the White House, they are planning a national assault on unions.1

    The right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council and big corporations have been pushing low-wage work laws across the country for years. These so-called “right to work” laws let people who have good-paying jobs because of unions weasel out of paying union dues, pitting workers against each other and giving Wall Street far more power. Now, House Republicans led by right-wing extremist Steve King have introduced a new, national low-wage “right-to-work” bill, and they have an ally in Donald Trump.2

    Too many Democrats have abandoned unions for far too long. We need to force them to find their spines and fiercely oppose this disastrous legislation.

    Tell Congressional Democrats: Block and resist low-wage “right-to-work” laws.

    Since seizing power in 2010, Republicans in state legislatures have stood side-by-side with Wall Street to mount attack after attack on unions. Now, 2017 is poised to be a disastrous year for working people. Two states have already adopted low-wage work laws, and more could follow. Worst of all, Republicans in the House have proposed a national law – and for the first time they have an ally in the White House. Trump said during the campaign he supports such laws, and his press secretary recently confirmed it.3,4

    Trump’s plan appears to be to drag American workers down to the level of their global counterparts and race China to the bottom – no surprise from a man who makes many of his products overseas.5

    Low-wage work laws hurt everyone. In states with these laws, working people make $6,000 less per year, regardless of whether they are in a union or not. Income inequality is higher. And fewer people have access to the benefits that unions fight for, like health care and pensions. Unions check unlimited corporate power and bring balance to the economy, making everyone better off.6

    Tell Congressional Democrats: Block and resist low-wage “right-to-work” laws.

    The same people pushing these low-wage work laws routinely fight against worker safety, the right to organize and higher wages. They are a sneak attack to give international corporations more power by undermining the unions that dare to stand up to them.7 Now Trump is poised to help his wealthy pals by attacking working people, including some of the people who voted for him.

    For the sake of their party and the country, Democrats need to unequivocally side with working people against low-wage work laws. We need to make sure they get the message.

    Tell Congressional Democrats: Block and resist low-wage “right-to-work” laws.

    Thank you for speaking out.

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