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Stop the sneak attack on Medicare

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    Stop the sneak attack on Medicare

    Earlier this month, something happened that no one expected: Thanks to the leadership of Senators Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders – who were powered by the activism of hundreds of thousands of CREDO members and our allies in the progressive community – Democrats were able to slow down the progress of Fast Track trade authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by blocking a key test vote.

    But Congress could now be on the verge of passing a rotten compromise package that would pay for Trade Adjustment Assistance for displaced workers with $700 million in cuts to Medicare funding.

    We’ve stopped backdoor cuts to our vital social safety net programs before – and with strong grassroots pressure, we can do it again.

    Sign the petition to Democratic leaders in Congress: Stop the sneak attack on Medicare.

    The Trade Adjustment Assistance program, originally implemented in 1974, provides training, benefits and job-placement assistance to American workers whose jobs are offshored or eliminated because of import competition. But paying for Trade Adjustment Assistance by raiding Medicare would put our country’s most vulnerable senior citizens at risk.

    The proposal currently being considered to fund Trade Adjustment Assistance includes an extension of the sequester on Medicare payments into the second half of 2024, which amounts to a $700 million cut to Medicare funding.1 While this isn’t a direct cut to Medicare benefits, it could still have devastating effects for America’s seniors. As the American Medical Association explained in a letter to Congress, these cuts would “impede improvements to our health care system” and “could lead to serious access to care issues for Medicare patients.”2

    Thanks to your activism, we were able to slow down the Fast Track bill’s progress in the Senate. Fighting back against the Medicare cuts in the Trade Adjustment Assistance bill with grassroots activism gives us the opportunity to turn up the pressure even more. If Democrats stand together we can still stop these heartless cuts to Medicare, and potentially derail the rotten compromise to Fast Track the TPP.

    Sign the petition: Stop the sneak attack on Medicare.

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