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Workers deserve Thanksgiving Day off

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Tell Target, Best Buy, and Kmart:

"Staying open on Thanksgiving Day is unfair to your workers and is unlikely to be profitable. We urge you to close the doors on Thanksgiving and allow your employees to spend the holiday with their families."

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    Workers deserve Thanksgiving Day off

    Next week, many Americans will share a warm and hearty meal with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, while workers at giant retailers like Kmart, Best Buy, and Target will be heading to grueling early morning shifts.

    That’s because many of the country's major retailers are starting their "Black Friday" sales a day early to compete for lucrative holiday sales — and forcing employees to spend their day on the job away from their families.

    These leading American retail chains are putting profits over their workers. We must act now to pressure some of the largest stores in America to put their employees first and stay closed on Thanksgiving Day.

    Tell Target, Best Buy, and Kmart to keep the doors closed on Thanksgiving.

    Staying open on Thanksgiving Day simply does not make good business sense. In previous years, sales on Thanksgiving Day were only a fraction of total sales for Black Friday. After factoring in holiday pay for employees who do work, Thanksgiving may not even be profitable for many retailers.1 What’s more, many consumers simply won't shop on Thanksgiving or are less likely to shop at a retailer who stays open during the holiday.2

    More importantly, thanksgiving is a day for our friends and families — some of whom travel thousands of miles to celebrate with loved ones. Already more than a dozen national retailers have announced that they will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day. Household names, such as Costco, Sam's Club, and Barnes & Noble are joining the long list of retailers taking the lead and letting their workers stay home for the holiday.

    As Costco's spokesperson put it, "[Costco's] employees work especially hard during the holiday season and we simply believe that they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families."3 It is time for Target, Kmart and Best Buy to follow the example of Costco and other retail stories that are prioritizing families over corporate profit:

    Tell Target, Best Buy, and Kmart to keep the doors closed on Thanksgiving.

    Among a nationwide groundswell of workers organizing for fair wages and better treatment at retail stores and fast-food restaurants, now is the perfect time to spotlight the treatment of workers by some of America’s largest retailers. If these giant stores back down, it could have a ripple effect across the entire industry, setting an example for retailers large and small to close their doors and give workers the day off.

    Let’s have those workers’ backs and tell these massive retailers to follow the lead of Costco and others who are shuttering their stores on Thanksgiving Day.

    Sign the petition and urge Target, Best Buy, and Kmart to close their doors on Thanksgiving Day and give their employees a day off.

    Thanks for all you do for workers' rights.


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