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Tell Senate Democrats: Stop Trump’s anti-woman regime

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"Stand your ground and form a firm line of defense against Trump’s anti-woman regime. Block and resist all extreme right-wing legislative attempts to restrict access to reproductive health care, including abortion.”

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    Tell Senate Democrats: Stop Trump’s anti-woman regime

    The stakes couldn’t be any higher for women. Trump and his right-wing administration are trying to make abortion inaccessible and illegal. If we want to protect access to reproductive health care, we must act now.

    Trump’s platform of misogyny and hate has unleashed a new wave of extreme attacks on reproductive health care. Right after the election, emboldened anti-choice Republicans introduced legislation to cut off access to abortion nationwide. When Trump took office, he immediately signed an executive order that strips women in countries around the world of their health care, and nominated an anti-choice judge to the highest court in the land.

    Enough is enough. We can’t just sit back and wait until the next extreme anti-woman attack. Senate Democrats must lead now by fiercely defending women’s reproductive rights and blocking all attempts to restrict access to abortion, without hesitation or compromise.

    Tell Senate Democrats: Stop Trump’s anti-woman regime. Block and resist all legislative attempts to restrict access to abortion.

    Here’s what’s at stake. Right-wing Republicans want to:

    • Force women to carry all pregnancies to term. Republicans in the House just voted to advance a nationwide 20-week abortion ban that would force women to carry medically complex and sometimes life-endangering pregnancies to term.1 Women and their doctors should have all medical options available to them.
    • Shut down Planned Parenthood. Every version of Republilcans' cruel zombie Trumpcare bill has included provisions that would defund Planned Parenthood.2
    • Outlaw abortion nationwide. Right-wing extremists in Congress have introduced an unconstitutional six-week abortion ban that would essentially outlaw abortion. This is a dangerous political tactic that puts women’s lives at risk. 3
    • Strip women in countries around the world of their health care. When Trump reinstated the “global gag rule,” he not only cut off women’s access to safe abortion, but also to family planning services and HIV/AIDS prevention in countries that receive U.S. foreign aid.4
    • Confirm anti-choice Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch has a hostile record on reproductive rights. He ruled to give employers the power to deny female employees insurance coverage for their birth control.5
    • End access to abortion for low-income women. Republicans in the House passed H.R. 7, a bill that will make the Hyde Amendment permanent so that low-income women will never be able to access abortion through taxpayer funded health insurance programs like Medicaid and drastically restrict access to private health insurance plans that include abortion coverage.6

    While we can't stop Trump from issuing executive orders, we can certainly stop Republicans from passing anti-choice legislation by forcing Senate Democrats to hold the line.

    Senate Democrats must build a firewall against anti-woman attacks and back legislation that will protect and expand access to abortion.

    Immediately after Trump reinstated the “global gag rule,” Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire introduced a bipartisan bill to reverse it.7 The Global Health Empowerment and Rights Act will permanently revoke the “global gag rule” by lifting all abortion related restrictions on U.S. foreign aid.

    Progressive champion Rep. Barbara Lee recently reintroduced the EACH Woman Act, a bill that would end the Hyde Amendment and ensure that all women – wherever they live and however they’re insured – are able to get coverage for the full range of reproductive health services, including abortion.8

    Undoing abortion restrictions won’t happen overnight, and certainly not in this Congress. But building momentum can start now and make a big difference.

    Tell Senate Democrats to stand their ground on reproductive health care.

    Thank you for all you do.


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