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When it comes to Trump's hate, whose side is Congress on?

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"Stand with immigrants. Publicly condemn Trump's racist scapegoating and xenophobic attacks."

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    When it comes to Trump's hate, whose side is Congress on?

    We cannot let Donald Trump's racism destroy the country.

    Trump's brand of hate has given a political home to violent white supremacists. People have died at the hands of these extremists and instead of stopping this crisis, Trump is making it worse. He just launched another series of anti-immigrant attacks, including one that would amend the Constitution to prevent future generations of U.S.–born children of immigrants from becoming citizens.1

    To save our country, democracy and communities, every person who believes that Americans should be able to live with dignity in communities where they are safe and healthy should immediately denounce Trump's xenophobic attacks. We know that CREDO members like you believe in this future and are fighting to make it a reality. Now it's time for every member of Congress to follow our lead.

    Members of Congress, whose side are you on? Publicly condemn Trump's racist attacks on immigrants and do everything you can to stop them.

    News just broke that Trump is planning to deploy nearly 15,000 active duty troops to the border to terrorize a caravan of migrant families, end birthright citizenship and impose another racist ban on refugees at the border.2,3,4 He is clearly trying to manufacture another xenophobic crisis and gin up supporters ahead of the midterms. But that isn't his only goal. Trump also wants to create a political environment in which extreme racist policies, hate and violence are normalized and sanctioned by the public.

    Not too long ago, sending thousands of active duty military troops to respond to a manufactured crisis within U.S. territory would have set off red alerts. Elected officials of both parties would have condemned his plan to end birthright citizenship as not only unconstitutional but against our core values as a country. Under Trump's authoritarian regime, these military actions and unconstitutional policies aren't receiving the massive push back they deserve, and that's exactly what we need to fight against.5

    Trump will stop at nothing to divide communities and replace our democracy with a fascist state. We need to be vigilant in rejecting his hate and showing the world that the American people will not be divided and will stand with immigrants and every community Trump threantens.

    Progressive champions Reps. Jayapal, Lieu and Chu have publicly condemned Trump's latest hateful attacks.6 But that is not enough. We elected every member of Congress to represent the voice of the people. Speak out now to make our demands crystal clear: Publicly denounce Trump's attacks on immigrants and do everything you can to block them. Any member who refuses to speak out is aligning themselves with Trump's vicious hate and the violence it incites.

    Members of Congress: Whose side are you on? Publicly condemn Trump's racist attacks on immigrants and do everything you can to stop them.

    Thanks for your activism.


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