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Stand with Sen. Bernie Sanders: Expand Social Security

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"Pass Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Social Security Expansion Act to expand Social Security and pay for it by taxing wealthy Americans."

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    Stand with Sen. Bernie Sanders: Expand Social Security

    Republicans in Washington are desperate to completely dismantle Social Security, but a commonsense proposal by progressive champion Sen. Bernie Sanders could stop them in their tracks.

    Sen. Sanders’ simple plan would force millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share by lifting the cap on payroll taxes, which would extend the life of Social Security for generations and expand the program to even more Americans.

    Social Security is the nation’s most popular and most effective program. Lawmakers should be expanding it, not working to destroy it.

    Stand with Sen. Sanders: Tell Congress to pass the Social Security Expansion Act.

    Specifically, the Social Security Expansion Act would:1

    • Increase annual benefits to low-income seniors by $1,300 a year.
    • Increase annual cost of living adjustments by basing them on the consumer price index for the elderly, which more accurately captures the spending habits of people aged 62 and up.
    • Raise the payroll tax on individuals earning more than $127,200 per year.
    • Increase income taxes on individuals earning more than $200,000 per year and couples earning more than $250,000 per year.

    It’s a win-win proposal to expand Social Security by making the wealthy pay their fair share.

    Stand with Sen. Sanders: Tell Congress to pass the Social Security Expansion Act.

    In 2017, the payroll tax that most American workers pay is capped at $127,200, which means millionaires pay the same amount into Social Security as someone who makes $127,200. This regressive system isn’t fair, and Sen. Sanders’ bill would eliminate the cap to extend Social Security’s solvency to 2060 and beyond while providing benefits to even more people.2

    Recent polling shows that 72 percent of Americans - including a majority of Republicans - want to expand Social Security benefits, yet Republicans in Congress continue to seek ways to take away seniors’ hard-earned benefits.3

    As Sen. Sanders put it, “At a time when over half of the American people have less than $10,000 in savings and senior poverty is increasing, we should not be talking about cutting Social Security benefits. We should be talking about expanding benefits to make sure that every American can retire with dignity.”4

    The recent defeat of Trumpcare shows that our activism works. Building massive support for Sen. Sanders Social Security Expansion Act now will make it untenable for Republicans to move forward with their plans.

    Stand with Sen. Sanders: Tell Congress to pass the Social Security Expansion Act.

    Thanks for all you do.


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