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Tell Macmillan Publishers: No book deal for professional liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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"Terminate Sarah Huckabee Sanders' book contract. Rewarding and rehabilitating an admitted liar who defended an immoral and corrupt administration helps normalize and legitimize Trump's dangerous, racist agenda."

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    Tell Macmillan Publishers: No book deal for professional liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Of course the queen of gaslighting got a spot on Fox News. But there's no way Macmillan Publishers should be giving Sarah Huckabee Sanders a book deal.1

    Donald Trump is terrorizing our communities, destroying our planet and dismantling our democracy while he lines his pockets. But the blame for Trump's toxic agenda does not lie with Trump alone. He can't succeed without loyal flunkies who will lie with a straight face to rationalize the unthinkable and defend the indefensible.

    Huckabee Sanders was the public face of Trump's crusade of hatred and corruption for two years. She should face consequences, but instead, Macmillan is giving her a gift – a chance to rehabilitate her public image while profiting from her time enabling a fascist. We can't let it happen without a fight.

    Tell Macmillan Publishers: No book deal for Trump's corrupt liars.

    In announcing her lucrative book deal, her publisher praised her "grace under pressure" and actually lauded her years of "battling the media."2

    It's an appalling erasure of Huckabee Sanders' years telling the country that up is down and night is day to give Trump cover to carry out the worst of his immoral agenda. She:

    • Refused to say that the press was not "the enemy of the people," as Trump so often claimed.
    • Admitted to lying to the press under oath, telling the Mueller investigation that her claim that "countless" FBI agents complained about James Comey was a blatant falsehood.
    • Covered for Trump's encouragement of violence by deliberately claiming that numerous documented examples of her boss offering to pay legal fees for those who attacked opponents or musing about "Second Amendment people" dealing with liberal judges were not threats.
    • Attacked women who claimed Trump and his cronies sexually assaulted them and declared them the liars.
    • Insisted that Trump was not corruptly paying hush money to silence scandal, even though he himself admitted to doing so.3,4

    Her book deal is disgraceful. Macmillan is joining the ranks of greedy corporations that are more than willing to give Trump collaborators a pass for promoting white nationalism and defending corruption and help them clean up their images in order to make a profit.

    We have to speak out now to make sure Macmillan understands that providing a platform to normalize and rehabilitate someone who helped promote fascist hatred is unacceptable and cannot stand. Massive pressure on Macmillan will also send a powerful warning to other corporations that the rehabilitation of Trump loyalists will have real consequences. Can you add your name today?

    Tell Macmillan Publishers: No book deal for Trump's corrupt liars.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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