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Tell Republican candidates: Denounce Islamophobia and stop spreading hate.

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    Tell Republican candidates: Denounce Islamophobia and stop spreading hate.

    A few weeks ago, a Muslim teen named Ahmed Mohamed was pulled out of class, handcuffed, arrested, and humiliated simply for bringing a homemade clock to school – the latest victim of a rising tide of Islamophobia that has been sweeping our nation.1

    The Republican presidential candidates are increasingly getting in on the act. A Trump supporter at a campaign rally declared “we have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims… our current president is one,” and asked Trump, “When can we get rid of them?” Instead of disagreeing publicly, Trump simply replied, “We’re going to be looking at that and plenty of other things.”2

    Then, this past Sunday, Dr. Ben Carson took it one step further, insisting that Muslims are unfit for the presidency because a president’s religion should be “consistent with the Constitution.”3

    Thankfully, one Democratic leader is coming out swinging. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid took to the floor of the Senate recently to forcefully condemn Republican Islamophobia and call it what it is: hateful intolerance.4 We need to show that Americans everywhere stand with Reid and demand that Republican presidential candidates denounce Islamophobic remarks and quit spreading hate.

    Tell Republican presidential candidates: Denounce Islamophobia and stop spreading hate.

    Last February, a gunman murdered three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It was not an isolated event. Mosques have been vandalized. In California, someone fired at a mosque while people were praying inside. A 15-year-old boy in Kansas City was killed when a man wrote that the Quran is a “disease worse than Ebola” on his car then rammed the child in front of a mosque, severing his legs. These acts of violence coincide with polls showing a dangerous shift in popular opinion toward vilification of Islam and Muslim Americans.5

    The rising tide of Islamophobia is the direct result of a campaign of hatred by right-wing politicians, egged on by the media, that has reached the highest levels of the Republican Party:

    • The media regularly grant airtime to anti-Muslim messages, from CNN host Chris Cuomo declaring Muslims "unusually violent" and "unusually barbaric" to regular attacks from FOX News, including calls for death squads to wipe out Muslims, Bill O’Reilly claiming Islam is a destructive force, and one host saying a “bullet in the head” is the “only thing these people understand.”6

    • Right-wing politicians deliberately stoke fear for their own political gain, whether it is state after state passing unnecessary and cynical bills against “Sharia Law,” or one Texas legislator declaring that Muslims cannot enter her state office without declaring allegiance to the United States of America.7

    • The Republican presidential candidates have embraced and perpetuated Islamophobia. In addition to Trump and Carson, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has claimed Muslims create “no-go zones” in American cities. Lindsey Graham has said “Everything that starts with ‘Al’ in the Middle East is bad news.” Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have implied that our enemy is Islam itself. Carly Fiorina and others have associated with a long-time anti-Muslim hatemonger. And Mike Huckabee regularly questions President Obama’s faith, implies that Muslims cannot be president, and demands that Christians discriminate against Muslims.8,9

    Tell Republican presidential candidates: Denounce Islamophobia and stop spreading hate.

    Let’s be 100% clear. Islamophobia hasn’t been limited within the extreme right-wing. Prominent TV Host Bill Maher has been regularly bashing Islam – and all religions – on his show, and bragging about how audiences now applaud him for it.10 That is why it is so crucial to show that Sen. Reid spoke for all of us when he said:

    Shame on any person who spews such vile, hateful rhetoric. The nearly three million Muslim in this country are part of the fabric of America. They teach in our schools, fight in our military, and serve in Congress.... If these Republican candidates are incapable of going to bat for America’s Muslim community, then they shouldn’t run for President of the United States. I call upon every Republican to denounce Ben Carson’s disgusting remarks. That shameful intolerance and bigotry should have no place in America today.11

    Let’s show how many Americans agree with him. Tell Republican Candidates: Denounce Islamophobia and stop spreading hate.

    Thank you for speaking out.

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