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Tell Congress: Reject white nationalism

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“Stand up to Trump's hate. Unequivocally reject white nationalism.”

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    Tell Congress: Reject white nationalism

    Tear gas attacks on Central American children.1 The deadliest anti-Semitic mass shooting in U.S. history.2 White supremacists marching in the streets. This is Trump's America – a country where xenophobia and hate have replaced freedom and justice for all.

    Donald Trump's racist rhetoric and agenda have emboldened white nationalists from coast to coast and in the halls of power. If we care about the future of our country and the safety of millions of Americans who Trump and his supporters are attacking daily, we must demand that Congress take action now.

    CREDO is teaming up with our friends at Bend the Arc to demand that every member of Congress reject white nationalism and fight to stop Trump from institutionalizing hate. Will you add your name now?

    Tell Congress: Stand up to Trump's hate and reject white nationalism.

    White nationalism is a dangerous political ideology that seeks to build a country for white people only – and rid it of everyone else. Trump has elevated this toxic worldview from the margins to the mainstream, stoking fear in communities across the country and inciting violence.

    Anti-Semitic violence and other white supremacist hate crimes targeting people of color, immigrants and Muslims have surged in the last two years.3 The common thread is Trump, who deliberately courts, stokes, fuels and encourages violent right-wing white nationalism.

    He told his supporters to “knock the crap” out of protesters and said Trump fans who beat a Hispanic man sleeping on the street were just "passionate." After white supremacists marched and killed a woman in Charlottesville, Trump called them "very fine people." He publicly threatens political opponents with violence. He tweeted an anti-Semitic image from a right-wing message board that featured a Star of David, demonizes George Soros – a prominent target of anti-Semites – and spouts right-wing euphemisms about "globalists."4,5,6

    As Trump pushes the country toward more and more violence and hate, we must keep the pressure on Congress to fight back. Incoming Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler is planning to crack down on white nationalist violence as one of his first orders of business.7 Every member of Congress should follow his lead.

    Tell Congress: Stand up to Trump's hate and reject white nationalism.

    Thanks for speaking out.


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