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Don't let Trump start a war with Iran

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    Don't let Trump start a war with Iran

    Donald Trump wants war with Iran. The media coverage of Donald Trump's recent speech to the United Nations General Assembly largely focused on other world leaders laughing at him. But the speech's appeal for regime change in Iran – Washington code for war – was widely ignored.

    Ultra-hawk John Bolton, Trump's national security advisor and one of the chief architects of the Iraq War, followed-up on Trump's speech by threatening Iran with "hell to pay."1,2 Unless there is public outcry demanding that Congress assert its authority, the Trump administration could soon start a war of choice with Iran.

    Sen. Tom Udall recently introduced legislation that affirms that an attack on Iran without congressional authorization would be illegal.3 Grassroots support for that legislation will send a powerful message to Trump and Bolton that there's massive opposition to starting war with Iran.

    Tell Congress to pass the Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act of 2018.

    Trump seeks confrontation with Iran at every opportunity, but it's not just Trump and Bolton who are fanning the flames for war with Iran. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a longtime opponent of the Iran deal, a historic agreement between the United States, Iran, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom that keeps Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He succeeded in urging Trump to pull out of the agreement earlier this year4 and formed a dedicated group of Department of State employees whose job is to develop a strategic effort for regime change in Iran.5

    Trump is nothing if not an expert in distraction and knows that war could completely commandeer the news cycle and distract the public from domestic turmoil like the sinking stock market, the fallout from Brett Kavanaugh's nomination, Democratic energy for the midterms and Trump's own implementation of sanctions on Iran that might mean skyrocketing U.S. gas prices in early November.6

    It's not far-fetched that Trump and his war cabinet could launch a war with Iran. That's why it's critical that Congress does everything it its power to reign in Trump now.

    Tell Congress to pass the Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act of 2018.

    Thank you for standing up for peace.


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