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Don't let the Senate poison our drinking water

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The petition to the U.S. Senate reads:

"The American people have a right to clean water and know if toxic pesticides are contaminating our water supplies. Reject S.340, the so-called 'Sensible Environmental Protection Act of 2017,' otherwise known as the 'Poison Our Waters Act.'"

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    Don't let the Senate poison our drinking water

    You might want to think twice before swimming in a public lake or drinking water from the tap if right-wingers in Congress get their way.

    Republicans in the U.S. House — joined by more than two dozen spineless farm-state Democrats — recently passed the "Poison Our Waters Act," a bill that would allow for the unregulated spraying of toxic pesticides directly into waterways.

    If the bill clears the Republican-controlled Senate, the public will lose their right to know if polluters and factory farms are spraying toxic chemicals in or around waterways used for swimming, fishing or drinking. We must demand the Senate reject this dangerous bill to protect our water and public health.

    Tell the Senate: Reject the Poison Our Waters Act.

    Specifically, the legislation would reverse a 2009 appellate court decision that ruled that pesticides applied to waterways should be considered pollutants and be regulated under the Clean Water Act. The bill would remove the permitting requirement for spraying pesticides in waterways and end the public's ability to know where and when pesticides are applied.1

    According to Beyond Pesticides, the Poison Our Waters Act would:

    • "Undermine federal authority to protect U.S. waters under the Clean Water Act,
    • Allow spraying of toxic chemicals into waterways without local and state oversight,
    • Contaminate drinking water sources and harm aquatic life, and
    • Not reduce claimed burdens to farmers, since there are currently no burdens."2

    If signed into law, this bill will be a massive boon to the chemical industry, as unregulated pesticide spraying could spiral further out of control. As Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt continue to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency and roll back commonsense regulations in order to line the pockets of their fossil fuel donors, the Republican-controlled Congress is chipping away at critical regulations that protect Americans' health to benefit rich pesticide and chemical manufacturers.

    As progressive champion Rep. Jim McGovern put it,

    "The Republicans are again bending over backward to help corporations and the wealthiest among us, while ignoring science and leaving hard-working families to suffer the consequences."3

    The Senate is set to take up this legislation soon, so we must act now to urge the Senate to reject this dangerous assault on our environment and the health of our families.

    Tell the Senate: Reject the Poison Our Waters Act.

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