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Protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay from the polluting Pebble Mine

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"Protect the Bristol Bay salmon fishery. Reject the Pebble Mine project."

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    Protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay from the polluting Pebble Mine

    This week, fishermen in Alaska’s Bristol Bay kicked off the commercial salmon season in the world's largest and most valuable salmon fishery. Every year, 40 to 60 million wild salmon return to Bristol Bay, part of a thriving ecosystem unlike any place else on Earth.1

    But these epic salmon runs may be endangered by a massive, open-pit copper and gold mine that would contaminate billions of gallons of water. The proposed mine would threaten the salmon fishery, the 14,000 jobs it supports, the local ecosystem and half of the world’s sockeye salmon.2

    The Army Corps of Engineers is currently taking public comment on the draft environmental review – a process that could make or break the future of Bristol Bay. We need your voice to protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay and all those who depend on it.

    Tell the Army Corps of Engineers: Reject the Pebble Mine project.

    The fishery is a renewable, sustainable resource that will continue to provide healthy food and power the regional economy as long as the water quality and salmon habitat are protected. The proposed Pebble Mine, on the other hand, would be a disaster. Its ore would be shipped to Asia and its profits to a Canadian mining company, but its destructive environmental impact would remain in Bristol Bay.

    The environmental impact is profound – including the permanent loss of over 80 stream miles, the creation of a pit lake with 61 billion gallons of contaminated water and water pollution that will require water treatment in perpetuity.3

    An EPA scientific risk assessment determined that a mining operation of this size would have unacceptable consequences for the Bristol Bay salmon fishery. The proposed Pebble Mine would exceed the EPA's recommended safety limits on mine waste disposal in Bristol Bay waters.4

    The communities around Bristol Bay have fought the Pebble Mine project for years, but under the Trump administration, the plan is closer than ever to becoming reality. Just this week, the Trump EPA began considering removing the proposed limits for mine waste disposal that help protect Bristol Bay.5

    The comment period on the mine's environmental impact statement ends July 1, so we need to make our voices heard now.

    Tell the Army Corps of Engineers: Reject the Pebble Mine project.


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