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Palantir is supercharging ICE

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"Stop profiting from the suffering of migrants and asylum-seekers. Drop your contracts with ICE."

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    Palantir is supercharging ICE

    CIA-funded tech giant Palantir is one of the biggest cogs in ICE's deportation machine.

    Government documents recently obtained by our friends at Mijente reveal that ICE used Palantir technology to identify, separate, prosecute and deport countless immigrant families.1

    Tech workers, immigrants and immigrant rights activists are demanding that the company break ties with ICE. We must add our voices to their call now before the crisis at the border and in our communities gets worse. Exposing and putting pressure on Palantir to end its ICE contracts is critical to blocking Donald Trump's racist agenda and protecting our communities.

    Tell Palantir: Stop supercharging mass deportations and mass incarceration.

    With Congress approving funding to expand border concentration camps and ICE set to launch mass raids as early as next week, Trump's racist deportation and criminalization nightmare is becoming a reality right before our eyes.2,3

    The responsibility to fight back falls on our shoulders. We must keep pushing to build a political and social environment where every politician and corporation that enables the systematic abuse of immigrants faces real consequences.

    Palantir is an important target. Its technology allows ICE to fine tune its operations by giving its agents the data to rapidly identify, hunt down and imprison immigrants en masse. Through Palantir contracts, ICE has access to:4

    • A nationwide license plate location database, which it uses to conduct surveillance and reconstruct an individual's private life, threatening the civil liberties and privacy of all drivers.
    • A database where ICE agents store information and build profiles of undocumented immigrants, including their home address, work address, children’s school, finances and social media profiles.

    When ICE took unaccompanied minors crossing the border into custody last year, agents used Palantir software to build profiles of these children and their families, arresting undocumented people they came across in their investigations. That included people who came forward to claim their children. Arresting these family members significantly increased the number of children ICE and CBP agents threw into camps. This needs to stop now.

    For years, Palantir claimed that its contracts with immigration enforcement did not fuel the deportation machine. We now know that the company lied. It's up to us to bring Palantir's dangerous collaboration with ICE out from the shadows and demand that it stop supercharging mass deportations and mass incarceration.

    Tell Palantir: Stop supercharging mass deportations and mass incarceration

    Thanks for fighting back.

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