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Tell President Obama: Don't lift the ban on exporting crude oil

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"Lifting the ban on crude oil exports is a handout to the fossil fuel industry that would increase oil prices, encourage more drilling, and accelerate climate change. Heed the warning of your administration's National Climate Assessment and pledge to oppose any effort to repeal the ban."

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    Tell President Obama: Don't lift the ban on exporting crude oil

    The National Climate Assessment is the strongest warning yet from President Obama that climate change is a real and immediate danger that is seriously impacting Americans across the country -- and things will get much, much worse if we don't rapidly curb carbon pollution.1

    It's appalling, then, that President Obama is considering lifting the ban on crude oil exports, a move that would dramatically increase carbon emissions by driving up oil prices and encouraging even more oil fracking and tar sands extraction.2 3

    Recently, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced that the Obama administration is studying the impact of lifting the ban, which means we still have time to pressure President Obama before he takes a firm position. We know the oil industry will be lobbying hard, though, so we have to speak out loud and clear.

    Tell President Obama: Don't lift the ban on exporting crude oil.

    Lifting the ban on crude oil exports would have a devastating impact on communities and the climate. According to one study, the carbon pollution caused by lifting the ban on crude oil exports would be equivalent to the annual pollution from 1,252 coal plants.4 And lifting the ban would mean more tar sands mining, fracking, and exploding pipelines and oil trains, endangering public health and safety in communities across the country.

    The Obama administration's recent decision to delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline is evidence that the president is sensitive to pressure from climate activists, but that he isn't yet willing to take major steps to confront the oil industry. That means we can't afford to let up pressure on President Obama to take meaningful action to confront climate change -- including keeping in place the crude oil export ban.

    While President Obama may be able to exploit a handful of loopholes to allow some exports, fully lifting the ban would require an act of Congress. Still, President Obama is the single most important voice in the debate over whether to allow crude oil exports. Whether Congress ultimately lifts the ban may depend on whether the president sides with the oil industry front groups that have been lobbying to repeal it or heeds the warning of his administration's own National Climate Assessment.

    Tell President Obama: Don't lift the ban on exporting crude oil.

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