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Tell the National Park Service: No fee increases at our national parks

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    Tell the National Park Service: No fee increases at our national parks

    Visiting our country's most iconic national parks will soon get much more expensive if the Trump regime gets its way.

    Under a new proposal from the Department of the Interior, led by public lands enemy Ryan Zinke, entrance fees at national parks from Alaska to Maine would skyrocket an astonishing 180 percent. Not only would countless Americans be priced out of visiting these beautiful public spaces – meant for all Americans, not just the ones who can afford it – the National Park Service (NPS) could lose precious revenue for critical upkeep and maintenance, and local economies that rely on park tourism will suffer.

    The NPS is now accepting public comments on the proposed rate hike, and we need as many comments as possible opposing this terrible scheme before the final decision is made in just a few weeks.

    Tell the National Park Service: No fee increases at national parks.

    Under this disastrous proposal, the Department of the Interior would increase entrance fees at 17 of America's most popular national parks, including Yosemite, Glacier, Acadia and Yellowstone, during their busiest five months of the year, costing families upwards of $70 per vehicle just to enter these popular American destinations.1

    These extreme fee increases are coming at a time when Trump and the Republican-led Congress are attempting to push through massive tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires on the backs of working families — the very same families who will not be able to afford and enjoy our country's precious national parks. Traveling to a national park for many families is already quite an expense, but raising the entrance fee may force families to think twice before planning a trip. According to Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana:

    "Americans already own these parks and they shouldn't have to empty their wallets to enjoy them. This decision will price...families out of our public lands, and hurt local economies, which thrive thanks to our National Parks."2

    This is yet another attack on public lands by Trump and his anti-conservation, climate-denying administration that ultimately wants to privatize America's public spaces, sacred Native lands and protected parks and monuments to enrich the fossil fuel and real estate development industries.

    At a time when the park service is under severe funding constraints, grappling with the effects of climate change and facing over 1,000 layoffs, the federal government should adequately fund the agency to protect these national treasures, not increase fees on many people who can't afford it and ultimately turn away millions of visitors.3 The 30-day period for the public to weigh in on this misguided proposal closes on Nov. 23, so we must act now to stop this drastic rate increase.

    Tell the National Park Service: No fee increases at national parks.

    Thanks for all you do.


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