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Stop giving corporations tax breaks for outsourcing jobs

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"Co-sponsor and support the No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing Act, which would end the Trump Tax Scam provisions that give corporations incentives to outsource jobs."

    Stop giving corporations tax breaks for outsourcing jobs

    Donald Trump wants you to forget about General Motors closing plants and firing American workers.1 His con-man populism and fixation on the stock market don't leave any room to talk about his corporate pals continuing to send jobs overseas.

    General Motors won't be the last company to outsource jobs under Donald Trump. The Trump Tax Scam created powerful incentives for corporations to hire overseas rather than in America.

    Congress needs to repeal the Trump Tax Scam in its entirety. But in the meantime, we need to highlight how damaging it is – and put Senate Republicans under pressure for continuing to support it – with a big show of support for the new No Tax Cuts for Outsourcing Act.2

    Tell Congress: Stop giving corporations tax breaks for outsourcing jobs.

    The Trump Tax Scam was immoral from the start. It could end up wiping away health care coverage for 13 million people by sabotaging the Affordable Care Act's protections that keep healthy people in insurance markets. International corporations got a massive tax handout despite sitting on billions in offshore profits while Americans lose health care coverage. Poor and middle-income Americans got pocket change while Donald Trump and the super-rich donors who fund Republican political campaigns pocketed big money.

    Then it got worse – just as we all predicted. Instead of raising wages, corporations funneled the tax giveaways to executives and shareholders through stock buybacks. Trump and Republicans began using the lost revenue from the scam as an excuse to push $1.7 trillion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and other earned benefits. The Trump Tax Scam grew so unpopular it helped cost Republicans control of the House of Representatives.

    Last year, just before the holiday season, General Motors announced it would cut 15 percent of its American workforce and shutter five manufacturing plants. The 2017 Trump Tax Scam provides tax incentives for companies to do just this sort of outsourcing.

    The No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing Act, sponsored by Rep. Lloyd Doggett and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, would end the outrageous incentives to move profits and jobs overseas. It would also make it harder for corporations to pretend to be based in foreign countries in order to dodge taxes.3 Every single Democrat should be willing to co-sponsor this bill to crack down on outsourcing – and every single Republican should be feeling the heat to explain why they oppose it.

    Tell Congress: Stop giving corporations tax breaks for outsourcing jobs.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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