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Tell Fortune Magazine: Stop normalizing hate. Disinvite Kirstjen Nielsen

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"Kirstjen Nielsen carried out the Trump administration's racist immigration agenda, including its family separation policy Don't give her a platform to rehabilitate her image and escape the consequences for her crimes."

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    Tell Fortune Magazine: Stop normalizing hate. Disinvite Kirstjen Nielsen

    A celebration of powerful women should not include a woman known as the architect of baby jails.

    But according to Fortune, Kirstjen Nielsen is a woman who should be celebrated and allowed to share the stage with leaders like Anita Hill and Hillary Clinton.

    Fortune's Most Powerful Women convening, which will happen later this month in Washington, includes former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen who carried out the Trump administration's family separation policy. She traumatized thousands of immigrant children and families and resigned in disgrace this spring. But now Fortune is giving her a platform to rehabilitate her image and legitimize her crimes. We can't let that happen without a fight.

    Tell Fortune: Don't normalize hate.

    Nielsen was in charge of Trump's rogue deportation force. She withdrew the legal status for nearly 300,000 people from Honduras, El Salvador and elsewhere who had been living peacefully in the United States for decades.1 She sanctioned mass deportation trials for asylum seekers and others crossing the border.2 And she clearly planned to continue the Trump regime's violent escalation of anti-immigrant policies, punishing asylum seekers, criminally charging all undocumented immigrants and ramping up the mass incarceration of immigrants along the border if she hadn't resigned.3

    This much hate should not be given a platform and no one should help legitimize the idea that doing the morally corrupt bidding of a bigot like Trump makes a woman powerful. Appearing on a stage with Clinton, Hill and other women who are making positive change in our communities will help Nielsen line her own pockets and sanitize her image.

    We have to speak out now to make sure Forbes understands that a corporate media makeover for someone who helped promote fascist hatred is unacceptable and cannot stand. Massive pressure on Fortune will also send a powerful warning to other corporations that rehabilitation of Trump loyalists will have real consequences. Can you add your name today?


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    Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images