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Tell Gov. Newsom: No more fossil fuels

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The petition to Gov. Newsom reads:

"Take transformative climate action to phase out oil production in California, by stopping new fossil fuel projects, dropping existing projects, and rolling out setback limits that phase out oil production."

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    Tell Gov. Newsom: No more fossil fuels

    The Trump administration is waging an all-out assault on our planet. And every day, Californians are experiencing the harmful impact of fossil fuels on the environment and their health and well-being.

    With the growing national enthusiasm for climate justice and legislation like the Green New Deal, California has an opportunity to do what it does best: lead the way. Speak out now to demand that Gov. Newsom commit to phasing out fossil fuel production in the state.

    Tell Gov. Newsom it's time to choose: fossil fuels or our future.

    Together, with California's climate justice groups, we are urging Gov. Newsom to:

    • Stop new fossil fuel projects
    • Drop existing fossil fuels projects
    • Roll out setback limits that phase out oil production

    Despite California’s climate leadership, the state remains one of the largest oil producers in the United States and the source of some of the world’s dirtiest oil. About 5.4 million Californians live less than a mile from over 84,000 existing oil and gas wells.1

    Low-income neighborhoods and communities of color disproportionately suffer from health and safety harms from proximity to oil and gas wells and infrastructure. To protect our health and climate, we must demand that Gov. Newsom take transformative climate action now.

    Tell Gov. Newsom to lead on climate now.


    1. Tony Barboza, "More than 5 million in state live near oil or gas well, report says" Los Angeles Times, Oct. 22, 2014.