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"Repeal Donald Trump's racist Muslim ban. Pass the No Ban Act."

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    Stand with Muslim families

    Today, members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees will hold the first congressional oversight hearing on the Muslim ban.1

    This is a critical opportunity for us to demand that Congress strike down this hateful policy. Our friends at Muslim Advocates and MPower Change are on Capitol Hill organizing Muslim families to share their stories and pushing Congress to pass the No Ban Act.

    The No Ban Act would end the Muslim ban and other forms of religious discrimination in immigration. If we can get Congress to pass this bill, it would move us one important step closer to reunifying families the Trump regime tore apart. Will you add your name now?

    Tell Congress: Stand up for Muslim families. Pass the No Ban Act.

    Trump is nothing if not persistent in his crusade to institutionalize his white nationalist agenda. Two of his signature policies – the Muslim ban and asylum ban – stem from a bigoted desire to divide and keep out communities who threaten the white supremacy at the core of his administration.

    Trump's Muslim ban is tearing apart Muslim families at U.S embassies scattered around the world – out of sight of most Americans. Some people locked out by the ban qualify for waivers that would allow them to re-enter the country and reunite with their families, but reports of the government denying people's waiver application even though they meet every criterion are growing.2 We cannot allow Congress to ignore the suffering of Muslim families any longer.

    Rep. Judy Chu and Sen. Chris Coons' No Ban Act would not only end the Muslim ban and other forms of religious discrimination in immigration, but also end the asylum ban, striking down unnecessary and potentially illegal restrictions the Trump regime put in place to prevent refugees from entering the country.3 To protect our communities and keep families together, Congress must pass this important bill.

    It's been three years since Trump issued the Muslim ban 3.0. For three years Congress has allowed a racist and bigoted administration to rip apart Muslim families and communities. That needs to stop now. Add your name to demand that Congress pass the No Ban Act.

    Tell Congress: Stand up for Muslim families. Pass the No Ban Act.

    Thank you for all you do.


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