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Tell DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Resign immediately.

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The petition to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen reads:

"Family separations are only one piece of the inhumane and indefensible anti-immigrant policy agenda you have chosen to defend and enforce. Your actions are immoral and unacceptable. Resign immediately."

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    Tell DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Resign immediately.

    Kirstjen Nielsen needs to resign now.

    She carried out Donald Trump's cruel family separation policy, tried to deny that ripping immigrant children from parents is even a problem and continues to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in militarizing the border and criminalizing all undocumented immigrants.

    Nielsen is one of Trump's most ruthless henchmen. She is dangerous, and she has got to go.

    Tell DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Resign immediately.

    Nielsen has led the Trump regime's efforts to terrorize immigrant communities for months. She is in charge of Trump's rogue deportation force. She withdrew the legal status for nearly 300,000 people from Honduras, El Salvador and elsewhere who had been living peacefully in the United States for decades.1 She oversees the mass deportation trials for asylum seekers and others crossing the border.2 And she clearly plans to continue the Trump regime's violent escalation of this country's anti-immigrant policies, punishing asylum seekers, criminally charging all undocumented immigrants and ramping up the mass incarceration of immigrants along the border.3

    Massive public outrage has forced the government to reunite many of the immigrant families it tore apart. But the nearly 2,000 children it released from detention or foster care have come home as survivors of horrific abuse. ICE agents have reportedly physically assaulted and drugged immigrant children in their custody.4 Many now suffer from severe trauma, anxiety and depression.5 All have had their childhood stolen away by Trump collaborators like Nielsen, who allowed these atrocities to happen on her watch. It's up to us to hold Nielsen accountable. Pushing her out of the DHS is a good first step.

    More than 10 Democratic senators, including Democratic Whip Dick Durbin and progressive champions Sens. Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono and Jeff Merkley, have called on Nielsen to resign immediately.6 Celebrity activists Alexa Chung and Amy Schumer and over 83,000 CREDO members have joined their call. We need to keep the momentum going if we want to get Nielsen out of office. Will you add your voice now?

    Tell DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Resign immediately.

    Thanks for fighting back.


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