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NBC and Comcast have a sexual abuse problem

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"Fire complicit executives Noah Oppenheim and Phil Griffin immediately and make internal changes to stop the unchecked sexual abuse and cover ups at NBC."

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    NBC and Comcast have a sexual abuse problem

    NBC executives protected a rapist for years.

    Recent reports reveal that when the "Today" show host Matt Lauer violently raped his colleague Brooke Nevils, NBC News and its parent company Comcast ignored the rape for three years until more allegations came out and they couldn't protect Lauer.1 Even now, the companies are still refusing to open an investigation into Lauer's rape and cover-up.2 That is beyond unacceptable.

    NBC and Comcast need to know that the public is watching and we demand better. Now is the time to use our power as customers and consumers to make sure that they hold complicit executives accountable and make real changes to stop sexual abuse.

    Tell NBC and Comcast: Fire complicit executives and make internal changes to stop sexual abuse and cover-ups.

    The Lauer coverup is part of a pattern. NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, one of the executives who refused to hold Lauer accountable, also repeatedly tried to stop the investigation that exposed sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.3 And it's not just the cover-ups. Sexual harassment runs rampant at NBC too. MSNBC president Phil Griffin showed off a zoomed-in photo of a female NBC host's vagina at a staff meeting.4

    Former NBC reporter Ronan Farrow revealed all of this in his new book "Catch and Kill." The book thoroughly documents NBC's culture of abuse and exposes executives like Oppenheim who refused to publish Farrow's exposé on Weinstein's crimes, which span two decades and include 87 accusers.5

    It's long past time for NBC and Comcast to end their toxic corporate culture that allows sexual predators to thrive. That's why we're joining with our friends at UltraViolet to demand that they immediately:

    • Fire Oppenheim, Griffin and every person in leadership who supported these cover ups and failed to protect survivors.
    • Commission an independent investigation into the lack of safeguards against sexual abuse and cover ups.
    • Provide structural disincentives to harassment and abuse.
    • Provide sexual harassment, anti-sexism and anti-harassment trainings at every level within the company.
    • Ensure the safety of survivors, including anonymous reporting channels, protections against retaliation and end the use of mechanisms to silence survivors.

    On Wednesday, our friends at UltraViolet protested at NBC headquarters demanding accountability for complicit executives. Speak out now to amplify their call and make clear to NBC and Comcast that protecting rapists is unacceptable.

    Tell NBC and Comcast: Fire complicit executives and make internal changes to stop sexual abuse and cover-ups.

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