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Stop Monsanto’s dangerous GMO labeling bill

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"Americans deserve the right to know what’s in their food, including genetically modified ingredients. Protect real GMO labeling and reject Monsanto’s last ditch effort to prevent clear, on-package GMO labels."

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    Stop Monsanto’s dangerous GMO labeling bill

    This could be our last chance to stop Monsanto’s dangerous anti-GMO labeling bill.

    Monsanto and its Big Food allies have convinced Congress to pass a “compromise” GMO labeling bill that would forever prevent true GMO labels from appearing on food packaging, dismantle Vermont’s first-ever GMO labeling law, and possibly exempt most foods that contain GMOs from ever being labeled.

    This bill is a massive giveaway to Monsanto and the corporate processed food industry and a threat to our right to know if GMOs are in our food.

    Tell Congress: Reject Monsanto’s dangerous GMO labeling bill.

    Instead of food labeled with simple text like “Contains GMOs,” this bill would force consumers to scan a cryptic QR code with their smartphones to let them know if their food contains genetically modified ingredients.

    It’s clear that Monsanto and the food industry are fighting to protect their bottom line by making it harder for consumers to know what’s in their food with this QR code scheme. And there’s currently no proposal for those without smartphones, typically low-income, disabled, or elderly consumers, to access this information.1

    Even worse, according to an analysis by the Center for Food Safety, the bill would exempt some products derived from genetically modified crops (like oil made from GMO soy) and could even make it difficult for any foods to be labeled as containing GMOs.

    That’s because the Food and Drug Administration believes the bill is written so narrowly that “it would have to be proven that a GMO product’s modification could not be achieved through conventional breeding or be found in nature.”2

    It’s imperative now more than ever that we pressure Congress to reject this dangerous bill and protect our right to know what’s in our food.

    Tell Congress: Reject Monsanto’s last ditch effort to keep consumers in the dark about GMO ingredients.

    Thanks for all you do.


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