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Sign the petition: New brand, same anti-women Walmart

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The petition to Walmart executives reads:

“Using ModCloth to sanitize your anti-women public image is unacceptable. If you truly care about women, stop exploiting women workers.”

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    Sign the petition: New brand, same anti-women Walmart

    Thanks to years of progressive activism against Walmart's abusive labor practices – including courageous organizing from our friends in the labor community – many people refuse to shop at its stores. Now, the retail giant is trying to clean up its image and attract younger consumers by hiding behind a pro-women brand.

    Walmart recently bought online clothing retailer ModCloth and is using its body-positive brand to appeal to millennial women without actually changing its sexist and cruel corporate culture and policies. Walmart is notorious for discriminating against pregnant workers and punishing employees who call out sick and request time off to care for their families.1 We cannot let Walmart executives get away with using ModCloth to sanitize their company’s brand and increase its profits while it continues to mistreat women workers.

    OUR Walmart is an organization that is relentless in lifting up Walmart associates who are fighting for respect, fair pay and fair hours at Walmart – and they are long-time friends of CREDO. We are proud to stand with them to fight back against Walmart’s sneaky attempts to manipulate younger consumers.

    Tell Walmart CEO: Stop hiding behind a pro-women brand. If Walmart truly cares about women, it needs to stop exploiting women workers.

    Walmart executives have no respect for women and their families. More than 1,000 Walmart employees recently reported that their supervisors punished them for taking time off.2

    When Walmart cashier Katie Orzehoskie missed work after suffering a miscarriage, her supervisor reportedly refused to excuse her absences even though she had doctor’s notes and hospitalization records proving that she was not ready to work. Worried her boss would fire her for missing another shift, Katie went back to work still sick and heavily bleeding.3

    When Walmart sales associate Kingia Philips asked her supervisor for a schedule adjustment so she could care for her newborn child, her supervisor allegedly rejected her request and cut her weekly hours by 75 percent.4

    When Walmart worker Tiffany Meredith asked her supervisor for a more flexible schedule so she could care for her sick mother, her boss allegedly ignored the request and threatened to fire Tiffany if she left work early to say goodbye to her mother before she passed away. Tiffany’s mother died without her there.5

    Based on these reports, it appears that Walmart forces its employees to choose between their health and family and the job they need. No one should have to make that choice.

    Walmart has a well-established, negative reputation – for treating its workers badly, using dangerous and destructive supply chains and destroying small businesses in local communities – which leads many people to avoid the store completely. 6,7 Walmart wants those shoppers’ money, so it is trying to hide behind brands like ModCloth. That’s why CREDO is teaming up with our friends at OUR Walmart to expose the company’s craven plan and demand that it stops the exploitation of women workers.

    Add your name now to show Walmart executives that we are standing with our friends in the labor community in this fight.

    Thanks for standing up for Walmart workers.


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