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"Support the Raise the Wage Act of 2019, which would give more than one in four Americans a raise."

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    Give millions of Americans a raise

    Corporate Democrats are siding with Trump Republicans against a raise for one in four workers, and we're running out of time.1,2

    Any day now, the House of Representatives will vote on the Raise the Wage Act of 2019, which would immediately bump the minimum wage and raise it to $15 by 2024.3 Preschool teachers, fast-food workers, bank tellers and working parents – millions of Americans would benefit immediately, some by as much as $3,500 a year.4

    Trump Republicans are staying loyal to Wall Street and opposing the bill. But so are many corporate Democrats, who are siding with big businesses and bad bosses against their own constituents. We need to raise our voices immediately.

    Tell Congress: Give millions of Americans a raise.

    No one benefits more from raising the minimum wage than women and people of color forced into low-wage jobs by prejudice and institutional racism. Forty percent of Black workers and 34% of Latinx workers would see a pay increase under this legislation. Nearly 56% who would get a raise are women.6

    The Raise the Wage Act would eliminate the tipped wage so that even employees who get tips, like restaurant servers, are guaranteed a fair wage – a change studies show benefits workers. It would eliminate loopholes businesses use to underpay workers. Most importantly, it would peg the minimum wage to the median wage so the minimum wage stops slipping in value.7 If we don't fight for it, corporate Democrats will hand Trump yet another victory.

    Tell Congress: Give millions of Americans a raise.

    The same corporate Democrats who blocked progressive attempts to protect migrant children from Trump's abuses are organizing against a $15 minimum wage. Passing the Raise the Wage Act will show progressive power and make it clear that Democrats stand in solidarity with workers in low-wage jobs. If corporate Democrats help Republicans sabotage the bill, that message is lost ‒ and so is the real opportunity to advance a needed victory for millions of workers.

    Today, the real value of the federal minimum wage is actually a few dollars lower than it was in 1968. Boosting the minimum wage would also create jobs by injecting more money into local economies. Restaurants continue to thrive even in cities that raised the minimum wage, and more than 90% of those who would benefit are adults.5

    Every Trump Republican ‒ or corporate Democrat ‒ talking point on the minimum wage is a lie to disguise their alliance with predatory businesses. This is our chance to show who really fights for working people.

    Tell Congress: Give millions of Americans a raise.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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