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Tell Congressional Democrats: Support the #MillionsOfJobs principles

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"Support progressive principles for creating millions of jobs by rebuilding crumbling roads, bridges and schools and investing in 21st century infrastructure projects, instead of Trump’s plan to give tax breaks to Wall Street and let companies charge working families higher tolls and fees. Add your name to H. Con. Res. 63."

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    Tell Congressional Democrats: Support the #MillionsOfJobs principles

    After Chicago sold its parking meters to private Wall Street investors, parking rates doubled, and last year Chicagoans paid $156 million in parking fees – but the city did not see a dime of it.1

    Now, Trump wants to take the Chicago failure national in a massive handout to well-connected billionaires. His so-called “infrastructure plan” would sell America’s roads and bridges to Wall Street, political cronies and foreign governments so they can line their pockets with tolls and fees.2

    Progressives in Congress have better plans: Creating millions of jobs by repairing crumbling roads, bridges and schools, supporting 21st century clean-energy projects and rebuilding water systems to keep our drinking water safe.3

    If we are going to expose Trump’s scam infrastructure plan and build energy around a real alternative, we need to push every Democrat to support these principles.

    Tell congressional Democrats: Support job-creating progressive infrastructure principles.

    Almost one decade ago, the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, dropping at least 50 cars stalled in rush-hour traffic more than 60 feet down into the water. Seven people died and dozens were injured.4 Republicans have spent most of the last 10 years blocking Democratic proposals to create millions of jobs by rebuilding crumbling roads and bridges like this one. Now, Trump has hijacked that call with an infrastructure scam that will make working Americans pay even more.

    Under Trump’s proposal, Americans would pay to give private corporations a subsidy to buy the infrastructure Americans build and funded.5 We would pay the “Trump tolls” those companies charge to return massive profits to well-connected Wall Street investors.6 And we would pay with poorer health and fewer jobs when those companies focus on projects that maximize profits instead of investing in clean energy from wind and solar, small roads and bridges and repairing water systems that poison children.7

    It’s a transparent scam that we have to expose and stop. That's why we are teaming up with our friends from the Millions of Jobs Coalition to unite the resistance around a bold alternative.

    Progressives want to spark millions of jobs by rebuilding crumbling schools, bridges and roads, investing in 21st century projects like broadband access, high-speed rail and clean energy such as solar and wind, and repairing water systems that endanger our health – all paid for by making the rich and too-big-to-fail corporations pay their fair share. We need to get every Democrat in Congress to support these commonsense principles and declare that they will oppose any plan that gives a handout to Wall Street billionaires and allow them to impose new fees and tolls on hard-working families.

    Tell congressional Democrats: Support job-creating progressive infrastructure principles.

    In short, Trump wants us to pay Wall Street billionaires with tax breaks for the privilege of having them charge us outrageous tolls and fees to drive on our own highway while failing to create jobs in the process.

    When corporate politicians talk about public-private partnerships, they usually mean that the public pays the costs and private elites get the benefits. Trump’s only business strategy is to scam working people – whether students at Trump University or the subcontractors he regularly refused to pay for work – in order to line his own pockets.8,9 Now, he is taking the standard Republican Wall Street handout approach and putting it on steroids, which will fail to create jobs but help well-connected billionaires.

    There are a host of Democratic plans that would create millions of jobs by relying on the same principles. So we are pushing all Democrats in Congress to unite behind a resolution confirming these principles rather than getting lost in the differences between plans. That’s how we will expose Trump’s scam and make it clear that progressive have a bold alternative – but it will only work if enough of us speak out.

    Tell congressional Democrats: Support job-creating progressive infrastructure principles.

    Thank you for speaking out,


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