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Stop the largest coal export terminal in North America

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    Stop the largest coal export terminal in North America

    In complete disregard of science, the environment, public health and runaway climate change, Donald Trump has promised to revive the dying coal industry — and he just might get to fulfill that promise if Washington state allows for construction of the largest and dirtiest coal export terminal in North America.

    The Millennium Bulk Terminals’ proposed coal export terminal in Longview, Washington would ship 44 million tons of coal each year from mines in Montana and Wyoming overseas, boosting U.S. coal exports by a stunning 40 percent.1 The terminal and trains transporting coal would destroy wildlife habitats and pollute waterways, adversely affect Native fishing areas and exacerbate runaway climate change.

    The Washington Department of Ecology is currently accepting public comments for Millennium's water quality certification – but only for the next few days. Now is our chance to pressure regulators to reject this permit application and stop this dangerous and dirty project for good.

    Tell Washington state: Stop the largest coal export terminal in North America.

    If completed, the project would spread toxic coal dust throughout communities in the Northwest, directly threatening the health of residents through toxic air and water pollution, and the terminal, if built, would be one of the biggest greenhouse-gas emitters in Washington. Public health would be severely at risk, and local communities, including Native tribes, would be adversely affected. According to Washington state's own environmental study, the effects on Native Northwestern tribal fishing could be enormous.2

    Donald Trump wants nothing more than to revive the flailing coal industry, but in reality, it's nothing more than a cheap political ploy to benefit his friends and donors in the fossil fuel industry. Completion of this dirty coal terminal would be a massive giveaway to dirty polluters and do nothing to ensure our country's so-called "energy independence" since this coal would be shipped overseas to energy-hungry Asian countries.

    Last year, more than 250,000 public comments flooded Washington state regulators — including more than 85,000 comments from CREDO activists — after Washington issued its environmental impact study. Our allies and activists on the ground have been packing hearings and protests in huge numbers, but the coal industry and its lobby are well funded — especially with Donald Trump behind them — and they aren't giving up the fight.

    Let's make sure Washington regulators know that we're not giving up either. The public comment period ends on July 27, so we must act immediately. This dirty coal terminal is far too dangerous to our environment, climate and health to allow it to move ahead any further.

    Tell Washington state: Stop the largest coal export terminal in North America.

    Thanks for all you do.


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