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Stand with Sen. Merkley: Keep fossil fuels in the ground

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"The United States must stop fracking, drilling and mining fossil fuels on our precious public lands. Pass Sen. Merkley’s 'Keep It in the Ground Act' now."

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    Stand with Sen. Merkley: Keep fossil fuels in the ground

    The Republican attacks on the climate and environment have never been more aggressive.

    Trump is reversing decades of climate progress and science and rewarding his fossil fuel cronies with a massive giveaway by signing an executive order to open up coal mining leases on federal land.

    A coalition of progressive champions in the Senate led by Sen. Jeff Merkley have introduced the “Keep It in the Ground Act” to stop this roll back of President Obama’s coal lease moratorium. It’s critical that we speak up now in favor of this important legislation and take a stand against Trump’s dangerous climate denial agenda.

    Tell Congress: Pass the Keep It in the Ground Act.

    Trump’s reckless executive order would be disastrous for the climate, pollute our public lands and local communities and threaten the Earth for generations to come. Rather than protect the environment and our climate, Trump is working to destroy them.

    But Sen. Merkley’s straight-forward legislation seeks to protect our air and water from being poisoned and keep our climate from warming even faster. Specifically, Sen. Merkley’s bill would:

    • Stop new leases and end non-producing leases for offshore drilling in federal waters.

    • Stop new leases and end non-producing leases for coal, oil, gas, oil shale and tar sands extraction on federal lands.1

    The “keep it in the ground” movement has worked tirelessly to move away from dirty fossil fuels to a 100 percent renewable energy future, but Trump is fighting to reward his billionaire fossil-fuel loving friends. As May Boeve of put it, “Fossil fuel executives know the public is against them, but they're using the Trump administration to squeeze out the last few dollars before their industry is replaced by clean energy. The future of our climate and our communities hinges greatly on a just transition to renewables, and we won’t stop fighting until we get it.”2

    The last few months have proven that the grassroots resistance to Trump’s agenda is having an effect. When millions spoke out against the Muslim ban or rollbacks to health care reform, the Trump administration had no choice but to cave. We must speak out in full force now to keep fossil fuel companies from polluting our public lands and fueling runaway climate change.

    Tell Congress: Pass the Keep It in the Ground Act.

    Thanks for all you do.


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