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Tell Democrats: Join the Medicare for All Caucus

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"Join the Medicare for All Caucus. Every Democrat should be able to support an idea that produces universal healthcare at lower overall costs. "

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    Tell Democrats: Join the Medicare for All Caucus

    Monday, July 30th was the anniversary of the creation of Medicare. For 53 years, Medicare has been providing quality and efficient health care to millions of seniors.1

    Today, Trump and his Republican enablers are plotting to privatize Medicare and subject Americans to the whims of for-profit insurers. But the good news is that progressive champions are offering a better alternative: improving Medicare and expanding it to cover all of us.

    More than 70 House Democrats have launched a new Medicare for All Caucus to fight for this commonsense, life-saving and cost-reducing solution.2 Now, we need your help to convince every other Democrat to get on board.

    Tell Democrats: Join the Medicare for All Caucus.

    American health care costs so much and heals so little in part because predatory insurance companies and Big Pharma stand between people and their doctors and use monopoly power to rob us blind. Medicare for All would leave the medical system in place, but replace the for-profit insurance companies that drive up costs without making us any healthier.

    Even one recent right-wing study found that Medicare for All would result in more health care coverage and better outcomes while reducing overall U.S. medical costs.3 Medicare for All would also improve the program for today's seniors by including younger people and adding dental and hearing coverage into Medicare. So it’s no wonder that more than half of Americans support Medicare for All, and nearly two-thirds of voters prefer candidates who support expanding Medicare.4,5

    Progressives know that we could solve today’s health care crisis by expanding a program that is already up and running – and working. It is time for the rest of the Democratic party to get on board.

    Tell Democrats: Join the Medicare for All Caucus.

    Medicare already covers 40 million Americans over the age of 65, providing quality care at prices that are much lower than the private market. If we start by lowering the Medicare eligibility age, it will provide competition to bloated predatory insurance companies and bring us closer to the day when people are covered from birth.

    Medicare and Medicaid are our nation’s most-effective and efficient health care programs, but right-wing Republicans have long had their sights set on dismantling our social safety net. Now, Trump is helping them do it. Their ultimate goal has been to end Medicare as we know it and cause skyrocketing premiums and loss of coverage for nearly 57 million of us. We cannot fight back with half-hearted, corporate solutions.

    Dozens of progressive champions are leading the way. But no Democrat has a good excuse to refuse to join the Medicare for All Caucus. We need to show that the base of the party stands for Medicare for All – and push every Democrat to join in.

    Tell Democrats: Join the Medicare for All Caucus.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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