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Tell Congress: Stop the modern day Native American land grab

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"Reject the Utah Public Lands Initiative Act and any other legislation that would strip away sacred, fragile lands from Native American tribes and hand it over to the oil and mining industry."

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    Tell Congress: Stop the modern day Native American land grab

    It’s simply deplorable: For the first time in more than 100 years, the federal government could steal fragile, sacred land from Native American tribes and hand it over to the fossil fuel industry.

    Utah Republican Reps. Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz along with Sen. Mike Lee recently introduced a bill that would strip away protections for 100,000 acres of Ute tribal lands to allow for oil drilling and uranium mining. The bill would also prevent President Obama from designating 18 million acres of unprotected land at Bears Ears a national monument.1

    This legislation is a massive giveaway to the oil and mining industry and an attack on the indigenous people who have lived on this land for more than 11,000 years. We must act now to stop this bill in its tracks.

    Tell Congress: Stop the Native American land grab.

    This legislation is another attempt by Rep. Bishop to advance his campaign against the Antiquities Act, a law that allows the president to designate land a national monument. It’s responsible for creating many of our national treasures including the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and Chimney Rock National Monument in Colorado. Most recently, at the urging of tens of thousands of CREDO activists and our allies, President Obama designated more than 87,000 acres in northern Maine a national monument, despite pushback from Rep. Bishop and other extreme, anti-conservation Republicans.2

    This time, Rep. Bishop is going even further by attempting to rip away ancestral homelands from the Ute Indian tribe and hand them over to the fossil fuel industry. As Eric Ewert, professor of geography at Weber State University in Utah, put it, Rep. Bishop’s legislation is “a fossil fuel development bonanza and public land giveaway that significantly rolls back existing protections for Utah’s wildlands. It was written behind closed doors with county commissioners and industry developers” and “would be devastating for our public wildlands and Utah’s tourism economy.”3

    Americans across the country, including hundreds of thousands of CREDO activists, have voiced their opposition to handing over Native lands to the corporate oil and mining industry at Oak Flat in Arizona and for the Dakota Access pipeline in the upper Midwest.

    We must stand in solidarity with Native communities and allies on the ground who are risking life and limb to protect these lands from further destruction by the fossil fuel industry.

    Tell Congress: Stop the modern day Native American land grab.

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