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We did it! Thank President Obama for hearing our calls and rejecting Keystone XL!

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Petition to President Obama:

“Thank you for listening to the activists who have been urging you to reject Keystone XL, and start keeping fossil fuels in the ground. We are all depending on you to continue showing leadership on climate, for the sake of our country and the world.”

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    President Obama’s rejection of Keystone XL is a historic victory against an oil industry whose power to imperil all of us in the pursuit of greed has been unchecked for far too long.

    Grassroots activism and organizing made it happen. Historic, sustained, relentless, nationwide, diverse, fearless, deeply committed activism, of the kind we haven’t seen in a generation.

    CREDO is proud to have contributed to the Keystone XL fight one of the largest organizing efforts in our 30 year history.

    Stopping Keystone XL is not enough. But it is victories like this that show a clean energy future is within reach, if we keep working for it.

    Take a moment to reflect below on the tremendous organizing you have been a part of as a CREDO Activist, or made possible as a CREDO customer. Then sign our petition thanking President Obama for hearing our call, and urging him to continue to stand up to the fossil fuel industry.