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President Obama: It's time to reject Keystone XL

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“It is long past time to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Your leadership on climate will be tarnished by anything other than an outright rejection. No deals. No punting. Reject Keystone XL.”

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    President Obama: It's time to reject Keystone XL

    UPDATE: Keep the pressure on President Obama! Clearly sensing defeat, pipeline developer TransCanada has requested that the Obama administration suspend its review of Keystone XL. This is yet another Hail Mary tactic to try and keep President Obama from making a decision and instead punting to a possible Republican president in 2017. President Obama does not have to comply — this is still his decision. It is clear that Keystone XL fails the President’s climate test. He should ignore TransCanada’s request and reject Keystone XL immediately.

    The sweeping defeat of the radially anti-environment Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has some speculating on an impending rejection of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, but the newly elected moderate Justin Trudeau — who also supports Keystone XL — is already looking to push President Obama to make a deal.1

    Meanwhile, pipeline developer TransCanada has pulled out of a court case in Nebraska, in a Hail Mary attempt to delay the process and punt the decision to a potential Republican president in 2017.2

    The facts on Keystone XL remain unchanged. Responsible climate leadership means there is simply no place for new fossil fuel infrastructure that will lock in decades more pollution from carbon bombs like the Alberta Tar Sands. It’s time to say NO.

    Tell President Obama: No deals. No punting. It’s time to reject Keystone XL.

    This is a key moment to push President Obama for a swift rejection — and for progressives to remind him that even as he has dragged this fight on for years and years, our commitment and opposition remains steadfast:

    • President Obama is clearly trying to build momentum for a global climate agreement and a Keystone XL rejection would be a powerful message to the world of U.S. commitment to climate action ahead of the Paris conference starting November 30.
    • Rejecting Keystone XL before Justin Trudeau is scheduled to be sworn in as prime minister on November 4 is an opportunity to rebuke the policies of Stephen Harper without knocking Trudeau’s leadership.3
    • A swift rejection would shut down TransCanada’s Hail Mary attempt to wrest the decision from President Obama entirely. It may be years before TransCanada has a legal route through Nebraska. That likely blocks President Obama’s ability to approve the project, but he could still reject it based on climate impacts, which are independent of the Nebraska route.

    Tell President Obama: No deals. No punting. It’s time to reject Keystone XL.

    The Keystone XL decision has been before President Obama for essentially the entirety of his presidency. Clearly he doesn’t want to make it.

    Wave after wave of grassroots activism is moving the president in the right direction on climate. The grassroots uprising around Arctic drilling no doubt helped push the administration to its recent decision to cancel scheduled 2016 and 2017 Arctic oil sales.

    It will take all of us to push him. But like it or not, he has to make the decision. Approving, making a deal, or even punting the decision to a possible Republican president in 2017 will all be an irreconcilable mark on his record.

    This is a perfect moment for President Obama to reject Keystone XL. Sign the petition now.

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