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The Kochs are trying to buy the media

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The Koch Brothers intend to turn the Tribune Company papers into a mouthpiece for their extremist, right-wing agenda. We can’t let the Kochs turn major American newspapers into Fox News-like propaganda organs. Reject the Koch Brothers offer and preserve your papers' journalistic integrity.

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    The Kochs are trying to buy the media

    The infamous Koch brothers, who’ve spent millions on right-wing political causes like climate change denial, voter disenfranchisement, and union-busting, are now trying to buy eight newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and The Baltimore Sun.1

    These anti-democratic billionaires have a plan to take over media outlets to help spread the conservative message, and the Tribune newspapers are their next targets.

    Tell the Tribune Company: Don’t sell to the Koch Brothers.

    The Kochs brothers are oil barons who have funded dozens of right-wing organizations and think tanks while contributing over $10 million to conservative political candidates over the years.2

    Thousands of people have already pledged to cancel their subscriptions to these papers if the Kochs buy them, while almost half the LA Times staff recently expressed that they would quit if the Kochs took over the paper.3

    By purchasing the Tribune newspapers, the Kochs would have a direct line of communication with millions of customers across the country. In the same way Fox News uses editorial voices to spread misinformation and right-wing propaganda, the Kochs will have the power to remake the editorial staff of these papers and install people who will push propaganda rather than pursuing journalism in the public interest.

    Tell the Tribune Company: Don’t let the Kochs turn major American newspapers into a print version of Fox News.

    This kind of takeover will have a devastating effect on the reporting of important issues like climate change. The Koch brothers have spent millions trying to deceive the public by funding climate change deniers and organizations which spread misinformation. Imagine what they could do with a chain of major American newspapers.

    Progressive organizations, labor unions, and free press advocates are coming together to fight the Kochs' attempt to take over these papers. Protests have already happened in a number of cities, and more are planned for the coming weeks.

    We need to make sure that the decision-makers at the Tribune Company understand the tremendous backlash that will happen if they sell out to the Kochs.

    Tell the Tribune Company: Don’t sell to bidders that want to turn your newspapers into right-wing propaganda organs modeled on Fox News.

    Thank you for standing up for journalistic integrity.

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