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Secretary Kerry: Don’t export armed drones

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"We urge you to immediately drop your plans to export armed drones to allies of the United States."

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    Secretary Kerry: Don’t export armed drones

    The U.S. State Department just announced plans to allow the sale of armed drones to allies of the United States.1

    Killing by remote control has become a centerpiece of the Obama administration’s foreign policy. But the use of armed drones raises profound moral and constitutional questions. U.S. drone strikes have killed thousands of civilians including hundreds of children.

    Tell the State Department: Drop your plans to export armed drones.

    The State Department specified that it would only be allowing armed drone exports to allies. U.S. counts among its allies regimes with some of the worst records on human rights in the world.

    Human Rights Watch’s president Ken Roth has detailed the crimes against civilians by U.S. allies.2 Bahrain has used lethal force and torture to crush protests. Rwanda’s government has employed violence against political opposition and its national army originated as the Rwandan Patriotic Front, a group responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of civilians. Cambodia’s autocratic prime minister has had political opponents killed.

    These are some of the allies who could conceivably purchase remote control killing machines from the U.S.

    Tell the State Department: Drop your plans to export armed drones.

    CREDO opposes our current secret armed drone program on legal and moral grounds. The U.S. government needs to come clean on its own extra-judicial killing program and explain to the American public how it determines assassination targets (including U.S. citizens), what legal justification it claims, and what oversight there is (if any) to prevent violation of our own constitution or the Geneva Convention.

    Doubling down on remote control killing by allowing the export of armed drones is unacceptable. Please join CREDO in asking Secretary of State John Kerry to drop the State Department’s dangerous plan.

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    2. Kenneth Roth, "Barack Obama: Dump These 8 Unsavory Allies," Human Rights Watch, January 2, 2013.