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JPMorgan Chase: Stop financing Trump's hate

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The petition to all major banks that finance or profit from private prisons and immigrant detention, including JPMorgan Chase, reads:

“Stop financing corporations like CoreCivic and The Geo Group that build and manage private prisons and immigrant detention centers and make enormous profits from the suffering of immigrants and communities of color."

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    JPMorgan Chase: Stop financing Trump's hate

    Who wins when the Trump regime fails to reunite families it tore apart at the border? Banks like JPMorgan Chase.

    JPMorgan Chase is one of the biggest investors in CoreCivic and The Geo Group, private prison corporations that build and manage hundreds of horrific immigrant detention centers across the country.1 Trump's mass incarceration and deportation agenda is a boon for their business and the banks that finance them stand to make millions from the pain of immigrant communities.

    To end Trump's war on immigrants, we must expose and hold accountable the financial institutions that are enabling and profiting from his cruel and racist regime. Speak out now to demand that JPMorgan Chase stop financing Trump's hate.

    Tell JPMorgan Chase and all major banks: Stop financing private prison and immigrant detention corporations.

    Public pressure grows stronger by the day to free and reunite the families Trump separated at the border and imprisoned in inhumane detention facilities. But his cruel administration could not care less. It just missed its second court-imposed deadline to reunite and free the more than 2,500 children it ripped away from families at the border, and has no plans to roll back the racist policies that created this crisis in the first place.2 Instead, Trump and his craven lapdogs in Congress are trying to ramp up these attacks.

    ICE locked up more than 30,000 undocumented immigrants a day in inhumane and overcrowded detention centers in 2016.3 Trump’s hateful administration just increased ICE’s incarceration quota to 80,000 immigrants a day and is planning to expand the department’s workforce and infrastructure to reach that daily goal.4 Congressional Republicans are working hard to make this xenophobic nightmare a reality. They just advanced dangerous bills in both chambers of Congress that would expand ICE and CBP and hand Trump tens of millions of dollars to build his southern border wall and more ICE run prisons.5,6 If Trump and his heartless party succeed at passing these bills, private prison corporations and the banks that finance them will make huge profits. Immigrants will suffer even more.

    Private prison corporations CoreCivic and The Geo Group are notorious for exploiting immigrant detainees for cheap labor and forcing them to live in inhumane conditions.7 Nine detainees have filed a class-action lawsuit against The Geo Group for allegedly forcing more than 50,000 immigrants imprisoned in its detention centers to work for less than one dollar a day.8 The U.S. Bureau of Prisons canceled its contract with a CoreCivic prison in New Mexico after reports of its cruel treatment of sick inmates gained national attention.9 Now, ICE has contracted with the same prison to detain immigrants, without demanding any changes to the institution’s practices. That is unacceptable.

    Trump and Republicans’ immigration crackdown means more immigrant arrests, more taxpayer funded corrupt detention facilities and more business for morally bankrupt private prison corporations. We must do everything we can to stop their xenophobic agenda.

    If we join together now and use our power as consumers and customers to force big banks to get out of the mass incarceration and deportation business, we can block Trump and Republicans' racist plans. That’s why we’re teaming up with our friends at Make the Road New York, Mom’s Rising, Presente and other members of the Families Belong Together Corporate Accountability Coalition to make sure JPMorgan Chase feels the full force of our resistance. Will you add your name now?

    Tell JPMorgan Chase and all major banks: Stop financing private prison and immigrant detention corporations.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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