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Tell the PA legislature: Pass a moratorium on fracking.

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"Support a moratorium on further shale gas extraction in Pennsylvania."

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    Tell the PA legislature: Pass a moratorium on fracking.

    Groundwater contamination and cancer-causing air pollution, constant noise and countless diesel trucks, giant ponds full of radioactive wastewater and chemical spills. This is Pennsylvania's fracking boom, and it's high time we shut it down.

    Will you join the push to stop the fracking industry from poisoning Pennsylvania's air and water?

    Tell the Pennsylvania Legislature: Pass a moratorium on fracking.

    Fracking is inherently dangerous. Air emissions from fracking put nearby residents at greater risk of cancer, as well as a slew of neurologic and respiratory illnesses.1 Fracking generates millions of gallons of toxic, radioactive wastewater, which can spill and contaminate drinking water.2 Some people living near gas wells have found heavy metals like arsenic and carcinogenic toxins like benzene in their blood.3

    It's an unavoidable fact: The state of Pennsylvania has totally failed to protect its citizens from fracking. And it's no mystery why: Since 2000, the industry have given almost $8 million to Pennsylvania's elected officials, including a jaw-dropping $1.8 million to Governor Tom Corbett.5

    Tell the Pennsylvania Legislature: Pass a moratorium on fracking.

    The fracking industry has gotten a huge return on the money it's spent to influence Pennsylvania's politicians. State regulators have had their budgets slashed by 60 percent in the last decade, and regulations are poorly enforced on a good day. In 2010, only 9 percent of oil and gas wells were inspected.5 That's not surprising since there are an astounding 885 wells for each inspector on the state's payroll.6

    And even when regulations are enforced they're far too weak to protect residents. In 2010, the state fined the fracking industry a total of $4 million. That sounds like a lot, but, given that the value of a single well in Pennsylvania is about $2.9 million, and there are thousands of them in the state, it's a drop in the bucket for the fracking industry. Just the cost of doing business.

    Even with stiffer regulations, fracking would continue to take a serious toll on Pennsylvania. There's no such thing as safe fracking. That's why we need to put the brakes on this dangerous industry by placing a statewide moratorium on fracking.

    Tell the Pennsylvania Legislature: Pass a moratorium on fracking.

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