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Tell Republicans in Congress: Impeach Trump now

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"Trump colluded with Ukraine to influence the 2020 elections and engaged in criminal behavior to cover it up. It's time to put country over party and impeach Trump now."

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    Tell Republicans in Congress: Impeach Trump now

    The newly released whistleblower complaint confirms what we already knew: Trump broke the law and the White House covered it up.

    The whistleblower was crystal clear: Trump "used the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. presidential election."1 Yet, despite growing momentum for impeachment, Republicans in Congress continue to protect their lawless, racist president and abdicate their responsibility to uphold the Constitution.

    Progressives spent so much time pressuring Democrats to open a formal impeachment inquiry that Republicans have been largely off the hook. Now that Democrats finally acted, it's time to make it crystal clear to every Republican in Congress that the burden is now on them and that failure to choose country over party will be a permanent moral stain on their Party and careers.

    Tell Republicans in Congress: It's time to impeach Trump.

    Trump knowingly broke the law and his White House lackeys helped him get away with it. He repeatedly follows a pattern of lawbreaking and undermining our Constitution – and Republicans time and time again turn a blind eye to protect his criminality under the guise of party unity. And while Democrats in the House of Representatives move forward with a formal impeachment inquiry, Republicans are defending the Trump administration's crimes and spinning lies.

    Republicans have a choice before them: Will they protect the lawbreaking criminal occupying the White House or will they abide by their moral and constitutional duty to defend our democracy?

    Tell Republicans in Congress: Impeach Trump now.


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    Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images