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Tell the Senate: Block and resist Thomas Homan as head of ICE

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“Stand up for the immigrants in your state and obstruct Donald Trump’s deportation agenda. Block and resist xenophobe Thomas Homan’s nomination as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director.”

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    Tell the Senate: Block and resist Thomas Homan as head of ICE

    A bigot who enjoys tearing apart immigrant families should not be leading ICE.

    Thomas Homan has been Donald Trump’s acting ICE director since January 2017, but he is not new to the agency. During the Obama administration, he was the country’s top deporter.1 Now, he's leading the rogue enforcement arm of Trump’s cruel and racist anti-immigrant regime. In his first three months as acting ICE director, Homan increased the agency’s arrests of immigrants with no criminal background by 156 percent and unleashed his agents to hunt down immigrants at schools, courthouses and hospitals.2 Trump wants Homan to permanently lead ICE. The Senate must obstruct his plans.

    Senators are responsible for protecting all of the people in their state, not just the ones who were born in this country. Blocking Thomas Homan’s confirmation as the permanent head of ICE is a necessary part of that.

    Tell the Senate: Block and resist xenophobe Thomas Homan’s confirmation as ICE director.

    Homan is an anti-immigrant extremist. He believes that all undocumented immigrants are criminals who should live in fear.3 He wants to take down sanctuary cities and called on the Department of Justice to indict elected officials who refuse to help with deportations.4 Homan relishes in his ability to instill fear in immigrant communities and recently bragged about how many immigrants his agency has deported since Trump took office.5

    Homan has empowered his ICE officers to use some of the most insidious tactics imaginable to hunt down immigrants. They have:

    • Arrested and detained father and chemistry professor Syed Ahmed Jamal in his front yard as he was taking his daughter to school.6
    • Arrested and detained father, physician and valid green card holder Lukasz Niec because of two misdemeanors he committed as a teenager.7
    • Arrested and detained Oscar and Irma Sanchez, parents who were on their way to the hospital to get their sick infant Isaac Enrique Sanchez the care he needed.8
    • Arrested Rosa Maria Hernandez, a 10 year-old girl with cerebral palsy, in an ambulance on her way to an emergency surgery.9
    • Arrested Irvin Gonzalez, a transgender domestic abuse survivor at a courthouse while she was requesting a protective order against her abusive ex-partner.10

    ICE agents are waging war on all immigrant communities and are now targeting Dreamers and other immigrant activists speaking out against Trump’s white supremacist agenda. ICE has already deported Haitian activist Jean Montrevil and has detained and threatened to deport other prominent immigrant activists including, Maru Mora Villalpando, Eliseo Jurado and Ravi Ragbir.11

    Recently, more than 70 members of Congress signed a letter calling out the Department of Homeland Security for failing to investigate thousands of sexual assault complaints and other human rights violations filed by immigrants who were detained by ICE over the past decade. ICE agents have reportedly subjected immigrants in their custody to unnecessary strip searches, forced them to eat moldy and expired food, and denied pain medication to those with debilitating diseases.12

    If the Senate gives Homan permanent jurisdiction over all ICE operations, it would add fuel to an already out-of-control fire, sanction the agency’s abusive tactics and ramp-up the Trump administration’s attempts to silence activists. CREDO is teaming up with our friends at America’s Voice to demand that Democrats and Republicans of good conscience use their power to make sure that doesn’t happen. Add your name now.

    Tell the Senate: Block and resist xenophobe Thomas Homan’s confirmation as ICE director.


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